Thursday, May 12, 2016

TBT and a Tree Tradition

This angelic image of our two children did not last long, so I'm glad Ruthie May Eich caught it before that lovely white dress was separated at the waist and those white slacks had green knees. 

I love the photo and do cherish the brief moments when the kids gussied up; in this case, it was a wedding.  They behaved, sorta, for the wedding, but left early when Mom caught them trying to scale the metal posts holding up the pavillion tent.  

For some reason, Willie and Annie were feeling a bit rambunctious that day. 

Well, they've both scaled a few mountains and succeeded at wonderful challenges since that day. 

Soon, that little Annie aka Precious will be setting off for another life challenge, and she has written a new entry about the anticipation in her blog AdventureGirlAnnie, which you can find at

If you wish to follow her progress on the Camino walk, you may want to bookmark the site because she may be posting more frequently once she sets off for Paris and then the French Pyrenees, next weekend.

In other news, last evening offered some more pretty sights, the top photos at Colburn and the "cows coming home" in the Bader pasture at the north end of our road. 

I couldn't get enough of those cows in that evening light, and they seemed pretty fascinated with the lady in the car, pointing the camera at them. 

Cows often make wonderful subjects, especially when they're hanging out in pretty spring fields.

Today, I'll have a whole bunch of subjects to photograph in the woods near Careywood where the Idaho State Forestry Contest will be attracting hundreds of elementary, middle school and high school students. 

A photo on Annie's blog entry seems to fit the spirit of the day ahead for students who will be doing their learning from and with Nature. 

Turns out four family members will be at this year's forestry contest---Bill, my sister Laurie with her fifth graders, my niece Laura who's in charge of the group leaders and yours truly. 

The Fitbit will be seeing plenty of action as we walk on the beautiful trails through the magnificent forest on the Delay place. 

Should be a fun day, as usual. 

So, I'd better get moving cuz Miss Tibbs wants me to accompany her fifth graders for a while so she can get her forestry contest team where they are supposed to be. 

Happy Thursday.  Be sure to visit Annie's blog! 

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