Friday, May 27, 2016

All in a Day . . . .

Lupine loveliness is at its peak here at the Lovestead.  All along Love Canal and in numerous flower beds around the yard, tall stems of various colors have shot up and are showing off. 

I loved walking around the yard yesterday just admiring the combinations and the vibrance of this special spring flower variety. 

I do have a bone to pick with lupine, however.  They're very uncooperative in bouquets; I think it's cuz they want to stay put outside and resent being cut and stuffed in a vase with a bunch of other flowers.  Once there, they usually lead the pack in drooping and losing their buds which dribble all over the surface around the vase.  

So, generally, I just leave them alone to thrive wherever they have chosen to appear. 

Once again, the old and rustic took up a part of my day yesterday in the form of the barn and fallen down fence, along with a well-aged shed accented by aspens.  These were near Elmira.  I'm betting my friend Betsy of Elmira will recognize those two shots. 

Bill, Liam and I also took an evening drive to Upper Pack River and beyond, after turning off the Pearson Creek Road---definitely bumpy and slow-driving at times but a pretty route, which offers some nice views of several Selkirk peaks. 

I hadn't been up there in years, so it was a nice change of pace.  Liam did not get too excited.  He likes to go with us, but he also is very anxious while riding in vehicles---unlike the rest of our dogs. 

So, he just leaned against the car seat, panted and looked straight ahead.  We stopped at a place a long ways up the road where large moss-covered rock masses on both sides, dotted with wildflowers created a park-like setting. 

Once Liam jumped out of the truck, the anxiety waned and his nose went to work. I have discovered that Liam doesn't go into automatic pose mode for photos like his big sister Kiwi.  His nose keeps him pretty focused. 

On our way back, darkness was setting in, and the wildlife were moving.  We saw two huge moose, three deer and a bear on our return trip.  

Also, before we turned off at Pearson Creek Road, we came upon a group of kayakers who had just floated the river.  Suddenly, I recognized one of them, Nick, grandson of Skip and Nancy Pucci and a former English student from my last year of teaching. 

We enjoyed a nice chat, and it was fun telling Nick that his granddad had picked up Bill at the airport back in 1973 when Bill had flown in from Louisiana to participate in the Boy Scout Jamboree where Bill and Marianne met. 

It was a lovely day yesterday, an assessment that has been enhanced by this morning's dreary, wet look.  At least, we're keeping all that pretty stuff clean and thriving. 

For those following Annie, she has arrived at Pamplona, found Hemingway and has set off for some more walking before settling in for the night and posting on her blog, which is up for today! 

She says tomorrow's walk involves some climbing so she wants to get farther down the road in preparation for taking it on. 

Check out the blog, where she has added some spectacular photos to the post about her first day of walking.

Happy Friday and a safe weekend for all travelers. 

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