Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Slight

Promise of berries and lots of them. I might just keep track of this off road spot where I visited yesterday afternoon.  I saw similar vines loaded with white blossoms just about everywhere I looked. 

So maybe a trip back about the time the fruits make their appearance will be in order. 

It's always fun to find new wild berry patches.  Granted, we do have blueberries and raspberries here at the place, but plucking berries from unregulated, protected vines and using them for jams, jellies or desserts adds a special link to frontier spirit and the past. 

And, that element of history sometimes makes them taste better.  Whether or not they do is another question because beauty or good tasting food truly is in the mind of the beholder. 

This morning I took off early to go feed and let my sisters' dogs out.  They're at a horse show for the weekend.  That early morning 3.5-mile drive over our road and theirs was beautiful, as always.  

Some of today's photos represent both late afternoon and early morning in our neighborhood, where I discovered yesterday that walks at that time may not elicit as many steps on the Fitbit as desired.  That's when folks are coming home from town and when they see someone on the road, that's visiting time. 

I enjoyed a nice visit with our neighbor Dan Wood who was hauling a gigantic John Deere tractor to his farm just up the road.  After we finished and Dan went on his way, I walked a few more steps, and along came Helen Baker.  So we did a little catch-up. 

This morning the tables had turned.  On my way back from my sisters' farm, I saw walkers. 

What did I do?  

I stopped to visit with my neighbor and former teacher Eva and her sister who is visiting from Missoula. The two were enjoying morning air before their planned visit to Pack River Cemetery where they'll place small American flags on veterans' graves.  

With its recent spruce-up by the Gold n' Grouse 4-H Club and with the addition of the flags, the cemetery should be beautiful for all the other visitors over the Memorial Day weekend. 

We haven't heard anything out of the "pilgrim" over in Spain yet this morning.  She was anticipating a challenging walk today, and we're looking forward to lapping up yet another array of photos once she arrives at her evening destination and posts on her blog and Facebook.  

It's pretty neat to learn of all the fans Annie has acquired since her walk began on Wednesday.   The photos are exquisite and her anecdotes provide some nice insights.

It's looking like another beautiful day in the neighborhood, so I'll get outside and take advantage of it.  We'll be using the brush hog today to open up trails around the woods in hopes of getting out there more often and avoiding all those wet pant legs and shoes from the morning dew. 

Happy Saturday.  

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