Friday, May 20, 2016

Lost in the '50s and Beyond

Hi, to all you folks who love the '50s.   

My name is Zoe, and, yes, I know. I know. I could use an orthodontist.  That's probably why my bark is meaner than my bite.

I came up to Sandpoint with my family to enjoy the "Lost in the '50s" weekend and maybe to scare off a few folks who might be thinking of running off with my family's pink Cadillac classic.  

I stay outside the Cadillac and do my resting in the motorhome cuz my mom says I have too much hair to ride in the car.  Can you believe that?

Well, anyway, I'm hanging out most of the time at the fairgrounds where there's already been a lot of action and there will be plenty more by Sunday.

There's a parade, and there's a whole lot of singing and dancing and maybe imbibing and, for sure, a lot of visiting.  

I haven't seen any Poodle skirts yet, but I can assure you that if I do see some a poodle on a skirt, I might just be distracted from doing my job. 

Some lady came around yesterday and took my picture, even after I barked at her.  She said she was just out looking for pretty cars and trucks of the vintage variety and had found a few at the fairgrounds and downtown.

She also told me that she owned a vintagemobile but was trying to sell it, so she took it to the Lake RV and consigned it.  She said Sharon, the own of Lake RV has been showing it off and will be happy to keep doing so until someone buys that old new motorhome, which once came to the fairgrounds, died and had to be carried back to Lake RV by a wrecker. 

Since then, Sharon and her crew have taken good care of that 1976 RV, and since then that lady who took my picture has bought a travel trailer.  

So, if you're looking for vintage charm with beds this weekend, go check out Lake RV and ask about that 1976 Brougham with the Dodge engine.  

In the meantime, I can guarantee you that you'll see plenty of beautiful blasts from the pasts around Sandpoint, and I know I'm gonna see a lot of folks having a lot of fun as they return to the music, costumes and cars of the '50s and beyond. 

Heck, a lot of the cars in town this weekend are much older than the '50s, but they're restored so well, they look brand-spankin' new, and I'm betting those for sale have much higher pricetag than that lady's RV. 

While she was here snapping photos of me and my protruding whites, she told me about her dad's pickup, which she knows was a beauty back in the day, but she couldn't remember what kind it was.  

So, she put it on this here blog today, just to see if some of the car aficionados could name the make and tell a little story about that particular truck model.  Heck, her dad sure got gussied up for the black and white photo; he must have been really proud of his truck. 

Well, that's about it from Pink Cadillac-ville here at the Bonner County Fairgrounds.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend, and be sure to come and see me so I can bark at you and my mom can tell you not to worry, "cuz I don't bite."  

I'm wondering if she's ever gonna take me to the dentist so I can get these teeth restored like they did that old Cadillac.

Now, that would be nice. For now, I'm off to search for a good-lookin' poodle---skirt, that is. 

Happy Weekend.



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