Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Slightly Socked In

It's a wet, wet morning after a full night of rain, and the rain clouds are still hovering over the mountains.  Obviously, the photos above were not taken this morning; they're simply some singletons I've taken over the week.  Maybe they'll help brighten up the day. 

The good side of today's abundant moisture is that it provides a good opportunity for pulling a few weeds in the garden beds.  I've already cleared one area this morning and will attempt a few more later. 

This, however,  is certainly not the ideal weather for our local Lost in the '50s celebration, but at least the rain has stopped and maybe it won't be so bad for  today's downtown events. 

We family members did our usual brand of getting lost last night and dined several miles from all the Sandpoint hubbub at the Kootenai River Brewing Co. in Bonners Ferry. 

Twasn't too crowded, and the food was great, as usual.  

The drive up there was a little dicey with one car speeding around all the others like it was preparing for the Indy 500.  Another appeared out of nowhere, passed us and barely made it back into the correct lane to avoid hitting another oncoming car.  

At one point, we thought maybe Lost in the '50s might have been a safer place than HWY 95 north.  

Yesterday, my niece Laura who works as an environmental specialist for the Coeur d'Alene Tribe posted a video link on her Facebook page.  It's a video prepared by Idaho Public Television for its "Outdoor Idaho" series. 

This is what we do, Laura noted.  So, I took some time to watch it, and even though I'm a nonscientist type, I found myself glued to the program because of its focus on some of our North Idaho lakes.  

Seems beauty is only skin deep with some of these bodies of water, and others have even lost some of their appeal because of organisms causing havoc beneath or even on the surface. 

So, since it's a wet day, I'll direct you toward some more water thoughts.  The 26-minute video is well worth the time.  Laura gets her ten seconds of fame toward the end.

Check it out, and stay dry on this wet Saturday.  

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