Friday, May 06, 2016

May Baskets of Activity

Derby Time, Mother's Day, dog and pony stuff, antique tractor plow day, forestry contest and a whole bunch of other fun stuff coming up in the next few days.  

Welcome to May, the beautiful month of everything.  

This week my oldest brother Mike and his wife are back at West Point, celebrating the 50th anniversary of his graduating class from the United States Military Academy.  

His class included the principal characters in Rick Atkinson's phenomenal book from 1989 called The Long Gray Line 

Gen. Wesley Clark, who ran for President a few years ago, also graduated in the Class of 1966. 

I have a feeling the experience for Mike and all of his classmates will definitely be beyond poignant. 

And, back here in North Idaho, we're getting excited about the Derby tomorrow, but first my sisters and I all have some involvement with this year's 4-H horse judging contest.  

Mr. Lefty, of Lefty and Lily, will be one of the horses to be judged in an Arabian gelding class. He's been receiving a little extra grooming this week, including a bath and a major clip job.  

My sisters came over last night to do the fine tuning on his face and ears, so he's looking pretty good. Barbara and Laurie will also judge oral reasons; then, we'll all get together to watch the Kentucky Derby. 

We might even bring out some crazy hats to wear.  No mint juleps but surely some snacking. We love the tradition and we'll surely be thinking of "Behave Yourself" and "Behave Yourself," the 1921 Derby winner and the lady we all love and miss who was born that year, respectively. 

Speaking of mothers, I was told earlier this week by Annie to expect a Mother's Day-birthday gift package in the mail.  The disclosure implied that it was okay to open it at any time because cards would come in the mail at the appropriate times.   

So, I inferred that she wanted me to open it soon.  So I did last night. 

Add Marianne to the Fitbit club.  Well, at least, add me when I figure out how to get my fitbit up and running.  Some tech advice from Annie should get me going.  I have a feeling the little techie tool will provide a good motivator for putting out a few more steps each day.  

Speaking of steps, Annie has been increasing hers all the time with 10-15-mile walks/hikes on weekends around Seattle.  In less than three weeks, she'll be taking lots more steps, beginning in the French Pyrenees and crossing Northern Spain with her upcoming month-plus Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.  

Her newest entry to her Adventure Girl blog about Spanish language preparation for the trip can be found at  

Lots of stuff going on, and, in the midst of it all, May continues its jaw-dropping daily editions of unparalleled natural beauty. 

Such was the case yesterday afternoon when I stopped by McArthur Lake near Elmira on my way back from a Moose Valley Farms run, and snapped a few photos. 

Someone left behind some neat rock art alongside the road that runs along the north side of the lake.  It seemed to say "don't touch," so I simple kept my distance and took some pictures. 

Anyway, the seasonal changes out McArthur Lake way offer a general sense of upcoming lazy, hazy days of summer when people will be flocking to similar areas to enjoy their leisure time fishing or swimming or just admiring. 

There's plenty to go around when we live in North Idaho.

Happy Friday.  Enjoy whatever busYness and pleasure fills your month of May calendar. 

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