Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday Slight

His name is Joe, named for one of Willie's favorite fishing rivers.  His new parents, Willie and Debbie, picked him up yesterday afternoon from the Curless farm in Dover and then brought him first their home to meet his new older siblings, Todd and Brooke.

Later, they brought Joe over to our house to meet the peeps and the pups living here. 

So, yes, we have a new grandpuppy.  We enjoyed a short visit with the little guy before heading off to Friday dinner.  

Joe seems to roll with the punches, after all, he's been hanging out with a whole lotta Border Collies over there at Curlesses.  

At our house, Foster seemed to show the most interest in Joe, probably thinking he once again had some new older brother roles to take on. 

Meanwhile, Liam acted a bit lukewarm about Joe's presence.  After all, isn't he Top Pup? Sensitive Liam went off to the laundry room while Joe kept his cool and even offered to play with Foster. 

Anyway, we're thrilled to welcome Joe to the family and we look forward to many good times of puppy play in the weeks ahead. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner last evening at Sweet Lou's with a couple of extras in our group,Shiraz and Sigrid Vira from Ephrata.  They're our friend Maryann's in-laws and mighty nice folks. 

After dinner, I read a  "small world-type" email from my brother Mike who's enjoying his 50th-year class reunion at West Point.  It read as follows: 

I thought that you might be interested to know that today, while Mary and I were eating lunch with the Class, the fellow next to me--a Classmate whom I did not know--looked at my name tag, and remarked, "I read your sister's book."  

I didn't catch his name, but it turns out that he had a brother attending the University of Idaho who read it, and told him that he should read it because it mentions a Classmate.  Don't know how long the guy has held onto that tidbit waiting to share it with me.  

As I say, he was a fellow that I didn't know, and things broke up at the table shortly thereafter....seemed a bit incongruous hearing about your book at a lunch in Eisenhower Hall at West Point, though.

Small-world stuff is always fun, and whoever that guy is who read the book, he gets an A-plus!

Well, today promises to be busy.  I'll soon be hauling Lefty over to the fairgrounds where our friend Angela will show him as a halter horse in the 4-H judging contest.  Should be fun watching and a good opportunity to do some visiting. 

Later, part of the Friday-night dinner crew will converge on our house for the afternoon. 

We're hoping to be wearing hats, eating some fresh rhubarb crisp and watching the Kentucky Derby, probably shedding a few quiet tears during "Old Kentucky Home," knowing there will be a beloved spirit among us who'll be watching from above in a very peaceful perch and loving every minute. 

Happy Saturday. 

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