Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Assorteds

This one fits in the "damn deer" department.  Wednesday night's pass through the Lovestead yard included the downed flower pot and a purple lettuce plant pulled up, roots and all.  

Fortunately, both situations were fixable.  Pot back where it belongs and lettuce back in the ground for a second attempt at living to maturity. 

I was looking at my old wagon wheel posies yesterday with great admiration, realizing at the moment that it's usually during the "great admiration" period that they're gone the next day or scattered around the yard. 

After that moment, I also thought it might be time to throw some netting over some flower beds at night.  Unfortunately, the thought did not go into action, there could be more posie pillage this morning.  

Update:  Have been outside on this wet, wet, wet morning and no vandalism from night creatures.  Maybe I'll get that netting over the petunias tonight. 

After assessing and attending to deer damage and doing my morning watering yesterday, I hopped on the lawnmower and spent four hours going round and round and round.

Occasional breaks were spent organizing the menu for our family dinner with Mike, Mary, Laurie and Willie.

And, when both tasks were under control, the dogs came out of the run.  Liam is getting more and more freedom, although he did sneak to the road on Wednesday.  His continued maturity, though, led to a less stressful intervention of getting him back in the yard. 

The young guy is growing up into a pretty nice gentleman, but some of the puppy tendencies, remain.  I don't care if he ever gets over the "collapse to the ground and lie-in-wait" for Foster.  

Pretty cute and always indicative of a faux and fun fight between the two. 

During Liam's freedom along the lane, where hay is quickly ripening, he plunged in for a quick break, and, of course he looked pretty cute once more. 


Our moon flower developed a bud yesterday, and last night it bloomed for the first time. In fact, it's still blooming----that may be due to the gloomy morning but then again, we crawl before we walk. 

Maybe the flower is so young that it doesn't yet know when bedtime is. 

Anyway, it's lovely, and we're enjoying its magic. 

Seems like Europe is in total financial turmoil this morning after the Brits' decision to leave the European Union during a referendum vote yesterday. 

I told Bill that this stunning development looks like a combination between dominoes and chess with some world institutions, human and inanimate, collapsing and others surveying the situation ways to take advantage of the historic event.

While all this has been going on overnight, our Annie has continued walking the Camino in Northern Spain.

I read this morning that it's possible the Spaniards take advantage of the overnight British referendum by gaining co-governing rights of the area around the famous Rock of Gibralter peninsula on Spain's south coast.  The Brits have ruled the area since 1713.  

Several hours ago, Annie posted the photo below, indicating she's nearing her goal, which started in the French Pyrenees month ago.   She sez she plans to reach Santiago on Sunday. 

Her blog has become increasingly powerful as she assesses the lessons involved with her experience and nears the end of what has truly been a fascinating and challenging great adventure.   

Check it out.  Happy Friday. 

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