Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Slightly Older but Grateful

There was a time when two front teeth sufficed as a much appreciated birthday gift, but needs and desires and situations change as we grow older. 

I haven't quite figured out why people would associate me with poop so often, but they do.  

And, to wake up this morning at 69 and to own my very own JAWS Scoop-----it's beyond my wildest expectation!

To wake up at 69 and to still have my two front teeth----now that's a gift in itself.  

I received them long ago before the "throw-away" era, so they have lasted, and I'm hoping they and a whole bunch of my other teeth will stay with me for years to come.

To wake up at 69 and be greeted first thing with a "Happy Birthday" serenade by the "Camino's Got Talent" sextet from Spain, what more could one ask for?  

Yesterday they had a photo contest; today they sang for a free meal some time in the future at the Lovestead.  I hope they all come some day because they are friends of Annie's, and we cherish and truly enjoy meeting her friends from all over the world. 

Tonight they're staying in a hotel just seven miles from Santiago. 

To wake up at 69 and to have another hippy T-shirt from the LOVE store on HWY 95, now that dates me----yup, one of those '60's folks who is still happy to be in the 60s chronologically. 

To wake up at 69 and to know the next one is the big 7-0.  I really don't know what to think of that, except we live in the age of altering facts to suit our needs.  

So, when people tell me that the 70s are the new 40s, I'll take it and run (or maybe waddle) with it. 

To wake up at 69 and to know that there's a giant, colorful metal flower out there in the lawn----one that spins and one that the deer probably won't gobble up, that makes me happy. 

Thank you, Bill, for the Jaws, the hippy-dippy shirt, the giant inedible flower and the gift card.  

Thank you mostly for hanging in there with me through 42 of those 69 years----and hopefully a whole lot more. 

To wake up at 69 and to know that your birthday celebration started at 68.99 years old, thanks to the beloved Australians (where I was 69 yesterday) and to be followed by thoughtful and funny texts from a brother and sister in Nampa who followed the Australians' lead on birthday greetings, I loved it. 

I also loved the burger the staff GAVE me at Sweet Lou's last night after the 60-40 burger originally intended for me fell on the kitchen floor.  

Later, I especially loved the serenade and delicious dessert orchestrated by Joel and the Sweet Lou's gang.  What a nice moment for a 68.99 year-old relic! 

To wake up at 68.99 AND at 69 and to see the Liam's balls carefully gathered by the food and water dishes, now THAT made me smile.  

Liam has added a skill set to his already impressive Border Collie profile (remember he does his own nails), just like Kiwi did when she was a pup and started gathering all her coffee cans in one place for the night----in Liam's case, it's the balls!  Love it. 

To wake up at 69 and to lament only about that damn waddle when I first get up to put some steps on my Fitbit, I feel blessed.  Life has been good to me for 69 years, and I feel especially blessed by all the phenomenal friends, family and beloved critters that make every day so special.  

Thanks to all. I love you. 

I truly hope to wake up at 70 in a year and feel just as grateful. 

Happy Saturday.  For more information about the Jaws Scoop, you can check with Bill.  I'm headed out the door to go look for some Liam Logs!

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