Sunday, June 19, 2016

Honor Thy Father

Bill's Father's Day, 2016 has been going on for several days now.  A couple of weeks ago, we walked into the house after a Sunday drive, only to find the most beautiful painting of a fly fisherman on the Moyie River. 

Willie and Debbie had purchased it at an art event the night before and had left it there while we were gone.  

This lovely work of art is especially meaningful because it was created by Bill's former boss and a fellow fly fisherman,Ed Robinson from the Department of Lands. 

Since Ed's retirement, he has taken to artistic pursuits, so much so that he received distinction as POAC's featured artist recently. 

It's safe to say that lots of meaning emanates from that painting, especially the fact that Willie and Bill have spent their fair share of time on father-son outings, fishing the Moyie. 

Bill also woke up this morning to a Father's Day tie.  After all, one needs to keep with tradition, right?

Then came a call from Annie who's finished walking for the day on the Camino in Spain. She had already sent the photo above to Facebook. 

Since Bill is not on Facebook, I dressed it up a bit with Annie's wishes, so he can check his Kindle today and see the two little Love's who have been a part of his life since April 1, 1977, and Oct. 19, 1978,  and have continued to be so every day since. 

So, Happy Father's Day to Bill and to all the fathers out there who have meant so much to their children, thanks to their fine example, their love, their guidance and the great memories they have created. 

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