Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Slight

In three minutes, my oldest brother (72) will be starting a Half Marathon in Seattle, as part of the Wear Blue Run to Remember program, which honors soldiers lost in war. 

Also, today the older of my two younger sisters will be riding in her first class at a regional Arabian horse show in Nampa.  Another brother is there functioning as a cheerleader/groom. 

At noon, my daughter-in-law will set off on her bike for a 30-mile fun run out our way and back to town.  Her efforts, along with hundreds of others riding on other longer routes, will benefit Panhandle Alliance for Education.  

My other sister and I had considered joining her, but since neither of us has ridden much on our bikes this year, we decided to forego the opportunity.  Besides, someone's gotta stay home and watch the farms and the animals. 

So, that's pretty much what's on my agenda today.  It will most likely turn into a lawn mowing day, among other projects.  Maybe I'll head down the road to cheer on Debbie and her fellow riders when they come down Selle Road. 

Meanwhile, off in Spain, Annie is making significant progress in her walk.  On Day 25 of her 500-mile pilgrimage, she has again reached the mountains and just texted to me that it's nice to see them again.  She also posted the potty picture above.   

You can check out today's Camino story from Annie at

Yesterday's sunshine brought out some more of the daily beauty we enjoy around here with the flowers and critters up and down the road. 

Bill, Laurie and I also enjoyed a drive to Bonners Ferry for Mexican food at the packed restaurant in downtown.  As usual, it was a good way to end a busy week. 

Not much else on my mind, so I'll just wish all a happy and safe and productive Saturday. 

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