Friday, June 17, 2016

Nice Mother Nature, Herding Border Collies and Presidential Thoughts

Liam always insists on wearing a curtain scarf on his head while lying near the sliding glass door.  I'm becoming concerned that The Donald may have him deported. 

Close to perfect.  That's how I view this year's North Idaho Mother Nature show.  Bill has a rain gauge attached to the new garden fence.  The gauge told him this morning that we received more than half an inch of precipitation overnight.

To which I replied, "Good."  

In the past I may not have shown such enthusiasm for that much moisture, but unlike past years when we've had a lot of rain, this year's drops have come in doses rather than several gloomy days on end. 

I remember about three years ago at this time (four days before the longest day of the year) we had experienced virtually no concept of longer days, thanks to a long, long stretch of gloomy, socked in, wet weather. 

Our rain yesterday and overnight was a nourishing, cleansing rain, and like many days this spring, we have awakened to blue skies and sunshine.  

No need to water this morning, 'cept for the deck flowers, and that is nice. 

I'm also happy that we had no freeze last night, which means the plants sensitive to cold can go on about their business of growing. 

Yesterday's rain also provided an opportunity for me to tend to some domestic tasks, like baking brownies, giving some to my sister, brother and our friend Maryann who are headed off to Southern Idaho for a week of horse showing. 

I also had enough to take some to Debbie at the Food Bank, and that led to an invitation to come and join us for hamburgers, which led to a whole herd of Border Collie Nation Plus One racing through the house and delighting the humans to no end. 

Yup, six dogs last night.  Bill said the Schwan's man looked a little dumbfounded, seeing all those happy, hyperactive pups appearing from every direction.

Later, we tried to take a photo of them all in the laundry room, but has anyone ever tried to herd a herd of Border Collies?  

Don't!  By the time we gathered most in the little room with the washer and dryer, one would escape, followed by another and another. 

Soon, most were back romping in the living room with maybe a loner left wondering why he or she was left in the laundry room. 

Our lame efforts led us to a clear comprehension of the phrase "herding cats."  

It soon became obvious that we really needed to call one of our other Border Collie fanatics to bring out their best herder so we could get all our "herders" in one place for the photo shoot.

While we're on the subject of Border Collies, I must report that besides wearing scarves, Liam does his own pedicures.  Bill noted that to me a couple of days ago. 

This morning I saw it first hand as he was nibbling diligently on one of his hind feet.  Yes, he keeps his nails neatly trimmed, and I must say that's about the only time I haven't chastised him for chewing on something. 

Speaking of talented, if you haven't seen the video below of the eighth-grade graduation speaker, it will bring a smile to your face about this year's Presidential election.  

Any time we can manage to smile rather than gagging, I think we should take advantage of it.  This clever, talented young man definitely has a future. 

On that note, Happy Friday.  Enjoy the video.  

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