Sunday, July 31, 2016

". . . like It's Not Real --Swiss Miss

Bill and Willie planned an afternoon of fishing yesterday on the Moyie River near the Canadian line. So, I suggested that the rest of us meet them somewhere for a picnic.

Bill said the Moyie Crossing U.S. Forest Service picnic area would work perfectly.  It's the place not far from Good Grief, Idaho, with all the neat fish sculptures---minus the two that someone with a cutting torch stole a few years back.

Moyie Crossing picnic area is just down the road from Feist Creek Falls Restaurant, so we figured Swiss Miss aka Laura could stop there and see the big trout in the pool next to the restaurant. 

So, off we headed to Bonners Ferry, stopping off at Super 1 for fried chicken, chicken strips, jo-jo's,  salad, fruit, chips and drinks. Then, we drove north through beautiful farm country toward the Eastport crossing to Canada. 

At the restaurant, we saw what added to the departure from reality that Swiss Miss, who's a temporary resident of Malaysia, knows:  a purple back hoe.  We don't see many purple back hoes either, so I figured the piece of heavy equipment would make a good photo prop. 

Swiss Miss brought along her new camera, so she snapped some images of fish jumping after treats and the Feist Creek Falls which cascade down a rock face behind the restaurant. 

Barbara and Laurie brought their dogs along, so this stop with plenty of open area provided them a good opportunity for a stroll.  Resident dogs, however, made it clear that canine visitors probably ought to stay in their vehicle. 

Then, it was on to the picnic ground where we saw one other car besides Bill's pickup; it's occupant had just pulled in to use the restroom.  The rest of the grounds overlooking that peaceful, gentle stretch of river belonged to us.

"This is like it's not real," Laura commented. "No people."  She was truly amazed that we were not elbow to elbow on this picnic outing.

"This is North Idaho," someone said. No doubt everyone in the group subconsciously pinched themselves once more, thinking about how lucky we are to have places like Moyie Crossing to ourselves several times each year. 

One other party arrived at the area while we were enjoying our picnic goodies and while the dogs were loving their freedom.  A father and son duo had come to do some fly fishing along the river. 

We visited with the son briefly; otherwise, we just enjoyed the area, taking in the sculptures, taking lots of pictures and watching Swiss Miss see her first geocache ever. 

Later, we drove down toward Meadow Creek where our dad's mother taught in a one-room school house back in the 1920s, and we stopped at the remnants of another teacherage alongside Dawson Lake. 

Yes, our outing yesterday afternoon was truly a departure from the reality most of the world's population endures, and, yes, we do not take such experiences for granted, even though we can live them most any day of the week. 

Truly a lovely afternoon, and made even more special watching Swiss Miss enjoy herself so much in the midst of our North Idaho splendor. 

She's heading off to Malaysia early this week, and we family members can all say once more that we'll "miss Swiss Miss."  

Swiss Miss "on the stump." 

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