Monday, August 01, 2016

Hello, August

Amazing!  Where has this summer gone?  Granted, I do know and, of course, fervently hope that it's not completely gone.

Still, the conscious effort of changing the calendars around our house this morning brings me to the realization that almost all the benchmarks set back there in the spring (wasn't that just yesterday) have come and gone----and with seemingly the speed of light.

And, speaking of light, even its extra daily dose has come and gone all too quickly, as we're now winding down to darkness. 

With the fair next week, even some pre-fair judging this week, the annual excitement of the Festival and anticipating of the usual mesmerization of the upcoming Olympics, our family trip to Chicago, and several other items on the calendar, this month will zip by in the blink of an eye.  

Most of the benchmarks earlier this year involved dates for visitors coming and going, anticipation of following Annie's long-planned Camino trip, and the usual summer notables like Fourth of July, huckleberrying, horse shows, hikes, powwows, fishing trips, picnics, trail rides, etc.                      

Along with that spring anticipation came completion of a few major projects (garden fence, painting fences, growing a garden and flowers) in time for all the other activity. 

Seems like a lot of preparation and work, but now, looking back, all of the above seem like brief interludes competing with a whole lot of other brief interludes.  All together, though, it's been a wonderful and memorable mix. 

The slight chill in this morning's air provided a gentle hint of fall, and that's not so bad either. 

After all, with thoughts of getting hooked on college and NFL football, fall horseback riding, afternoons in the kitchen making jams and jellies and digging up potatoes from all the gardens and picking apples and the Draft Horse Show and the upcoming cousins' reunion in October---I guess we won't be bored. 

Lots more stuff of life that makes it worth getting up every morning.  And, that is a good thing. 

August, Aout, Agosto, bring it on!!!! Happy Monday. 

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