Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Evening Splendor

What's to do when there's no political convention to watch and the Mariners don't play until 7 and the Olympics don't start until Friday and you've finished your summer dinner of baked zucchini slices and all the trimmings and your hubby takes off to Grouse Creek with his fishing dog????

Well, you load up the other two dogs, grab the camera and go. After all, it's the magic hour for photography. 

Yup, we did it again last evening.  Liam and Foster and I went for our evening constitutional. For this photographic hunt, we headed to Hope.  

While Liam drooled and panted in the back seat, Foster crossed his back legs, propped his body against the front seat and rode shotgun, while I drove and steadied the camera in my lap. 

Gotta have that camera ready for split second shooting. 

The camera run turned out to be a lovely drive with the Pack River Delta and Lake Pend Oreille both putting on a nice evening show-----just like those that Bill likes to experience when he's out in a stream with his rod and reel and the hatches come on.

In my case, it's the lighting and the scenery and whatever critter wants to participate while enhancing an already pretty scene.  

Last night, geese swimming in the delta and that buck deer romping off across Poelstra's field added nice touches to the evening scenery.

Other than that, good ol' North Idaho raw beauty on a summer's eve provided eye candy aplenty. 

This morning Bill reported that, in addition to the trout he caught and released in Grouse Creek, "Kiwi got to see a bull trout about 24 inches in length."  

Kiwi hasn't yet shared her thoughts, but I know Bill was impressed after hooking on to a small trout and then watching the big fish swimming around in the creek.

Of course, being a bull trout which is designated as a "threatened species," the fish has a free pass from all anglers who are constantly reminded from Fish and Game signage and radio ads "See no black, put it back."

Recognizing it as a bull trout as it swam in the stream, Bill simply stood there and admired it.

While Bill and Kiwi were enjoying their time at Grouse Creek, my two canine buddies and I spent about an hour on the road, stopping and going, eventually arriving home just in time to flip on the TV and see the Mariners in a close contest with Boston.  

Sadly, the poor relief pitcher who had thrown the "losing pitch" the night before in Chicago against the Cubs repeated his same mistake with his first pitch last night in Seattle. 

Some days are diamonds, some days are dust.  Sad for this young man, and the photo in this morning's paper of him sitting dejectedly in the dug-out after last night's home run pitch to a Boston slugger said it all. 

Let's hope for a better day for that young man.  In my case, I'm looking forward to an afternoon of judging at the fairgrounds.  We'll be listening to 4-H'ers complete their interview judging assignment by giving us an overview of their projects and record books.

I enjoy these occasional opportunities to reconnect with young people in the same educational arena where I acquired a majority of the basics that have guided me through my adult life. 

Should be a fun afternoon.  Happy Tuesday. 

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Serena said...

Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing!