Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Vacuum

So, I read this morning that the famous Roman orator Cicero, in his old age after being turned out to some Roman pasture and most likely before he went to bed at night, practiced a daily exercise of remembering what he had done and said during the day. 

All I've got to say is that Cicero was pretty unusual if he had the mental capacity as an golden oldie nodding off to go down the list of "What I did today."  

Even a lot of kids in their teens have a difficult time remembering "what I did last summer" while penning that first essay of the school year.  (What's the anachronism in this sentence?)

I'm old but I can remember back in the good ol' days seeing student desks surrounded by wads of paper where the writer got started with the first two words, got frustrated, wadded up draft no. 1, threw it on the floor and went back to picking their brains for some vestige of their summer fun. 

Now, I realize I'm dating myself.  

Do kids still use pens and notebook paper to write those essays? 

Probably not. 

Anyway, back to Cicero and his memory exercise.  I thought this morning that it might be a good idea to use this blog posting and start recording my activities and utterings for the day thus far.  

If I get a good start, then maybe tonight I'll have a little advantage while compiling the complete list tonight.

So, here goes:   

Got that?  

Sometimes computers do their texting with invisible ink, and I decided it might be best to use that option because some of my utterings while carefully stepping through my manure-pile garden this morning may not be fit for public consumption. 

You see most of that garden is covered with deer-deflecting netting, the motive being that any invaders will get their little toes caught in the netting and either have to stay there until I find them in morning or fly back over the garden fence with netting attached and spend the rest of the night trying to discard it rather than getting to eat my sweet potatoes. 

I spent some time weeding this morning, and did say some bad words while getting caught in that netting myself.  

I also seriously lamented the act of accidentally pulling out one of the few bean plants left by the nocturnal invaders during a past garden raid.  I thought the bean was a weed.  

Why is it that weeds rise out of the ground right next to legal plants and take on the same look!  

Enough of that curiosity.  Back to remembering what I've done and said already this morning. 

Got that?  

To heck with Cicero, there's just too much work to mentally recording the list of daily events, and these days, when almost every day is dominated by horrific news of mass slaughters, who wants to remember?

Happy Monday.  Enjoy the photos.  Off to the garden patch to finish weeding. 


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