Sunday, July 17, 2016

Out and About and Wet . . . .

I won't be watering this morning.  We received a drenching yesterday along with several other intermittent showers.  The earth and all its accessories, at least around the Lovestead, is fresh and clean this morning. 

And, today the sun is shining with the promise of a warmer day. There were times yesterday when I was wearing three layers.  There were also times when dark clouds hovered all around us and thunder roared, creating a gloomy, I-think-I'll-take-a-nap atmosphere.  

So, I did the latter, a couple of times. 

Still, it was a fruitful day---I picked and picked at my blueberry patch and plucked the first ripe blackberry from that brand-new patch.  

A salad filled with fresh garden goodies and a dessert cobbler with a blend of Lovestead blueberries and raspberries went to my sisters' house where we enjoyed a late but festive dinner welcoming Swiss Miss back to Idaho.

I think she slept well last night, having come from Zurich to Dubai, then a 14-hour flight to Seattle, a six-hour layover and a final flight to Spokane, followed by the drive to Sandpoint.  

Laura was amazingly alert and upbeat for someone who had been awake for most of the past two days as she traveled three quarters of the way around the world. 

It's a lovely time filled with expectation and the unknown around here.  We expect to enjoy a lot of good visiting this week, but, as usual, we never really know how or when or where we're going to do all that visiting.  Spontaneity pretty much reigns.

That combination, along with the constant changing beauty around us, in the people we see and with special places surrounding us, adds to the fun of this blessed summer life. 

Happy Sunday. 

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