Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Slight

There's a new pup on the block, at least for the weekend. His name is Bridger and he lives in Frenchtown, Mont., with his human mom Joyce.  

Bridger came to Sandpoint to meet the extended family of dogs and humans.  His makeshift outdoor enclosure has kept him safe and has helped him keep track of HIS possessions, which are highly coveted by some of the resident dogs. 


No puppies were forced to pose in the photo above. This is as authentic as it gets for young Liam who really likes his balls.

No real story behind this photo except that Liam often comes upstairs while I'm working at the computer.  He carries a Chuck-it ball in his mouth, chews on it for a while and then lies down to rest. 

When I glanced over toward the bed yesterday morning and saw this scene of Liam having a ball or two and had to document it. 

As far as the family peeps are concerned, it's a busy weekend with folks coming and going.  There's a dressage show in Spokane, so Laurie and Kevin are in there.  Barbara and Joyce will be going later. 

And, even later, Willie and Debbie will be headed to Spokane and eventually the airport where they're looking forward to a very special meeting. 

After that airport meet-up, SWISS MISS will be accompanying them to Sandpoint!  

Yes, Laura who first came and spent a semester with Willie and Debbie as an exchange student, will spend three weeks here before returning to school in Malaysia. 

This evening the whole gang, minus Laurie, who's staying with her horse in Spokane, will gather at the Colburn farm for a festive welcoming feast. 

We're all excited, and we also expect to see brother Mike's wife Mary who's also in town visiting relatives in her family. 

This is a big week of company for us as Bill and I are looking forward to visitors from Belgium who'll be spending Wednesday evening in Sandpoint on a Western road trip .  

Koen, a geocaching friend of Annie's, will be bringing his wife and daughters.

Bill and I are hoping to pack as much as possible Sandpoint-wise into their visit. 

And, then next weekend, the Camino Girl will be coming home. Of course, we're all anxious to see her and to hear her stories firsthand. 

It's July, and people, pups and even horses are definitely on the move enjoying vacations and summer time fun----definitely good times and great memory making. 

Happy Saturday. 

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