Friday, July 15, 2016

Pickin' and Choppin'

On Wednesday afternoon, I saw a whole patch of bushes loaded with huge huckleberries that needed to be picked. Bill saw a big lodgepole log next to the parking area that needed to bucked up for wood. 

So, we returned yesterday to the beautiful spot at 4,800 feet elevation which provides one nice view of the Selkirks and where a rain storm abruptly cut our picking experience short. 

Beautiful day to be in the woods. Perfect place to chop wood for winter and pick hucks for the freezer.  Not too steep, open and even a bunch of old logs surrounded by berry bushes.  

Who would turn down the opportunity to sit and pick as opposed to bending over??? Not I!

I was also glad that Bill decided to bring along the chain saw.  That meant the bears would hear the buzzing and probably stay away so I could have that patch all to myself. 

A few noisy bugs darted in and out around my head. One pesky little deer fly with a piercing sting even tried to take a bite out of my hand, but even invading insects weren't too obnoxious. 

We left Liam home yesterday so we could tend to our respective businesses AND so I could get ALL the berries on the bushes. 

Dinner at Kootenai River Brewing Co. in Bonners Ferry provided a nice reward for our efforts, while three new boxes of Meadow Gold French vanilla purchased at Super 1 grocery store assured us that we could enjoy the literal fruit of our labors in the form of huckleberry sundaes.  

To the pickers out there: the berries are ripe and juicy.  Even in the high country, the crop is early and abundant this year.  Better get at it!

Happy picking, and happy Friday. 

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