Monday, July 25, 2016

Pend Oreille: The North Idaho Elixir

". . . Pend Oreille remains a valuable jewel that continues to cast a magic spell on most anyone who ever lays eyes on its waters.  Though tarnished a bit, the jewel remains vibrant and alive.  

Human forces do exist who recognize its fragility; groups are striving to reclaim what’s been lost among its fisheries and its necessary nutrients.  

Though development on the lake is striking, miles and miles of unspoiled shoreline along both sides of the main channel can still propel visitors into a time warp."

                            ----Thoughts from a conclusion I wrote about a dozen years ago for a Keokee Publishing Co. lake book project. 

We just sat and soaked up some intense July sun yesterday morning along Lake Pend Oreille's Sunnyside shore.  

"We" included Willie, Annie, Debbie, Laura and the grandpuppies who stayed overnight at a tipi near Hawkins Point.  

The tipi is owned by Twin Cedars Camping and Vacation Rentals, LLC, of Sandpoint.  Stars lined up, and we were thrilled and fortunate to take advantage of an opening for Saturday night when Annie was home and during Swiss Miss's current visit.   

After finishing my morning rounds at home and while Bill was at his church service on another Lake Pend Oreille shoreline "City Beach," I heated up some orange rolls in the oven, smothered them with frosting and then headed out to the lake to see the campers. 

With weather just about as perfect as it could be, the lake performed its magic for us yesterday and for thousands who live for these times in the summer when water fun is at its height. 

The water was cold, according to some of the campers, but that didn't stop them from taking a few dips.  I'm told the pups really enjoyed their time in the water.  

During my morning visit, Miss Brooke paddled through the water, escorting Swiss Miss while she floated in a tube around the dock area. 

Little Joe wanted to go in for a swim, but the shoreline seemed like a safer place in the young pup's mind. 

Besides, there were sticks and driftwood and occasional soda bottles for satisfying his need to chew on something or to hide it. 

Overall, life for Joe during his time spent at the lake was indescribably heavenly.  For everyone else, the experience was true summer bliss, relaxing and taking one of the many phenomenal aspects that Pend Oreille has to offer. 

On my way back home, I was reminded by the scene at the old Burnett farm on East Sunnyside Road that not everyone gets to indulge in lake-time leisure when the sky is blue and the sun is heating up the countryside. 

There's also the urgent need to "make hay while the sun shines," and this year the sun hasn't been shining quite enough to help the hay harvesting go as smoothly and quickly as we all would like. 

Always trade-offs on sunny days, but we, as a family sure enjoyed a very memorable and lovely opportunity to take in a little of the lake culture over the weekend.  

Thanks, Billie Jean and Mike, for the much appreciated experience with your tipi and its breath-taking surroundings. And, many thanks to that jewel called Pend Oreille that we all treasure so deeply.

Happy Monday.   

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Ann said...

We were invited for a "cruise" on a pontoon boat yesterday. Absolutely beautiful. We were not that far from you :)