Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zucchini Warnings, et. al.

While most of my garden goodies are just now coming on, the hay crop is becoming overripe, thanks to all the rain, which has slowed down the hay harvesters. 

Zucchini time is upon us here at the Lovestead.  Looks like a bumper crop this year for the first time in a few years. With that in mind, I'd better be watching my squash pretty closely.  

Otherwise, with temps soaring into the 90s for the next several days, the zucchini could easily expand to sizes capable of completely drowning out the cucumbers.  So, I'll be picking them before that happens. 

After all, fresh cukes have to be my all-time favorite garden crop, and I'm doing everything possible to aid them in their development.  

Last year, no matter how hard I tried, I could NOT grow zucchini, but the Lovestead cuke crop exceeded all expectations and more.  

This year, the roles have reversed, it seems.

The cukes appear to be somewhat reluctant about maturing just yet.  Maybe all those healthy zucchini are intimidating them. 

Meanwhile, over in the manure-pile garden, the deer have allowed my pumpkins to take off, but not the tentacles which would like to extend clear out to the grass.  

Yesterday morning I noticed several that had been extending beyond the protective netting had been nipped off. This morning I noticed a few more chomped off along with several potato tops. 

Speaking of protective netting, I removed it from all the blueberry bushes yesterday. 

Daily harvesting of what also turned out to be a bumper crop is finally winding down, so if the deer want to stroll through the patch at night and sample a few berries, that's okay by me.  

I'll just take the protective netting and cover some more items in the manure-pile plot.

Speaking of garden pests, since we've got heat, we've also seen a dramatic rise in the pesky bee population.  Why do bees like lettuce so much, especially when it hits its prime?  

This week, I'll have to pick with extreme care, knowing that beneath those leaves lurk some nasty stingers anxious to strike. 

Always something making us earn every delicious bite that we take from the garden. 

At least this year, I've been able to stay ahead of most of the garden-pest battles.  That fence Bill built has made all the difference. 

The situation makes me happy and probably irritates the heck out of the deer.  Too bad.  

Happy Tuesday. 

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