Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Splendor

                                                                                                                    ----Pat West Photo

The splendor of August showed itself in many ways yesterday, including this beautiful shot of Lake Pend Oreille and the river by my friend Pat.  This was taken from his home on Lakeshore Drive.  

Pat is accruing an impressive collection of spectacular sunset shots like these, and just like the phenomenon I experience out here in Selle, no two views of the same glorious scene are ever quite the same.  

That's what makes photography so much fun. 

Over here in Selle farm country, yesterday was the perfect day.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  

That meant considerably more energy than usual from dawn to dusk, along with pure enjoyment of moving from one project to the next. 

A trip to the dump with a couple of bags of dated freezer veggies, etc. provided the opportunity to see turkeys crossing the field on scenic farm just north of our landfill. 

Turkeys are busy crossing in lots of places, I've noticed.  We have a flock oldsters and youngsters that leaves our woods every morning just about chore time, making their way across our hay field to Meserve's and eventually over in to Gary Finney's place. 

Yesterday morning, when I walked out to get the papers, they were having a meeting with three deer right at Meserve's driveway.  I kinda think turkeys and deer have a kinship because this morning, just after watching our turkeys, I spotted a deer racing through the hay field as if to catch up with the "early" birds.

This morning, after seeing our flock, I watched another group cross Taylor's field, coming from Gary Finney's woods.  Twould be nice to know where all those turkeys spend their day before making the pilgrimage back to their overnight quarters. 

Anyway, back to yesterday.  The comfortable weather made it actually fun to work with the shelter in the dog run where I added some support its roof where snow had caused one frame to cave in a couple of years ago. 

Of course, I had help from Liam.  At least, this time the project was totally driven by his "straying" from the "stay-home" rules.

Even my domestic side enjoyed a little action yesterday with apple peeling and a subsequent apple pie, which did not sit long before sampling. 

Today I'll probably grind up a couple of those zucchinis from the garden.  My friend Kathy came by Sunday and ONLY TOOK TWO.  But, in the case of zucchinis, "givers can't be choosers."  We've got to feel damn lucky that we found someone who wanted our extras.

While picking the squash for Kathy's visit Sunday, I discovered underneath those big prickly leaves that several acorn squash are reaching maturity.  

Now, I don't give away those squash.  Love slow baking them in the oven with butter, brown sugar and maybe a little maple syrup.  Definitely yum, yum. 

After yesterday's productive day, which included Bill spending part of the pleasant evening checking out the best way to start on a new stall in our barn,  it looks like another one ahead, beginning with a crisp, fall-like weather.  

My only concern about the cooler temps is that my sweet potatoes may stop maturing. Maybe some extra TLC to keep them warm at night is in order.  

Other than that concern, I'll take this weather any time. 

Happy Tuesday.  

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