Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Flowers and Feline

Let's talk morning glories. This year has been a year for new faces among my usual clumps of flowers.  

The usuals----geranium, pansies, marigolds, various daisies, batchelor buttons, clarkia, echinacea and the rose bushes---have put on some nice displays around the Lovestead this year, but it's been fun to get acquainted with and learn about new species.

My first-ever Butterfly flowers have added some nice touches around the place, and this week, we've seen the first of the morning glories. 

I planted a package of morning glory seeds for the first time ever because I read that it's a good idea to combine morning glories with the mysterious moon flower, which a friend and flower expert gave me this spring.  

The moon flower opens its delicate yellow blossom in the dark and hangs around for a day or so before wilting.

My research suggested that planting morning glories with moon flowers would be a good idea to ensure constant color. 

So, that's what I did-----knowing nothing about morning glories.

Long after I planted them and began to see the seedlings maturing, I was curious to learn when to expect the blossoms.  

In that particular research, I learned that it might have been a good idea to plant this species earlier in the year and, more importantly, to sow the seeds in an area where the vines could extend.

Duh! I had no idea morning glories were vine plants, which explains why I just plopped the seeds in a pot with the moon flower and another pot containing some butterfly flowers.

Well, the vines are extending, and who knows where they'll go around the deck.  I really don't care because I've been thrilled this week to see those first lovely blossoms opening up in the morning and making the day that much more glorious. 

With this knowledge and enjoyment, I'll probably find some more appropriate locations for both the moon flower and their morning glory buddies. 

As mentioned before the learning curve gardening and goofing around with flowers continues to keep us on our toes throughout a lifetime, so this year's morning glory error will be remembered and next year I'll probably screw up with something else. 

For now, I'm loving the excitement of checking the flower spots every single day in hopes of discovering something new and beautiful. 

Which brings to mind.  Can someone tell me the name of the interesting flower in the photo just below Mr. Festus.  

Festus, by the way, loves the flowers as much as I do.  Last night he was out and about while I was on my evening stroll, and the blueberry bushes were providing him much pleasure. 

Back to that flower---experts, please enlighten me.  Those blossoms started showing themselves just a couple of days ago, and I have no idea what they are cuz earlier this season, I just threw seeds wherever there was room and kept no records.

Some people are meticulous about keeping records and about planning their gardens.  Not I.  My funky tendency toward general disorder and never ever really knowing what's gonna come rising out of the dirt makes gardening all the more interesting.  

Guess that's all for this Wednesday.  Enjoy the day and maybe even go smell some flowers

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