Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ruff Ruff Ruff! Meeeeoowww! Yay Yay Yay !!

I attended my first Panhandle Animal Shelter benefit luncheon yesterday.  I'm hoping it won't be my last. 

The event--set in a stunning location on the Pend Oreille shore just west of the Long Bridge---featured a potpourri of familiar faces, creative table displays, live music, fun items for auction, great food, and oodles of fun, packed into three quick hours. 

Hodge Podge at the Lodge, they called it, and what a gala it turned out to be!  

A friend named Kelli invited me an my daughter-in-law Debbie to join her table group. Each table had a theme, and, in each case, the decorations were exquisite.

Besides all the festive moments spent visiting with each other, we also heard poignant stories of people and their beloved pets, reminding us of the very reason we were there.  

Panhandle Animal Shelter, according to executive director Mandy Evans, has taken on a new approach to situations where owners run into problems providing care for their dogs or cats. 

No shaming, she says.  

People often run into obstacles in their lives, and sometimes it's best for those pets to be re-homed.  Empathy in these situations is vital and much more powerful than shame.

The shelter has seen a positive difference, thanks to this philosophy.  Panhandle Animal Shelter also frequently receives high marks for its approach and its facility from outside experts.  

Mandy also showered great praise for the team of volunteers, board members  and donors who keep the shelter running and maintaining high standards.

Yesterday's lively live auction, along with a silent auction, and even a brief interlude for out-and-out donating generated thousands of dollars for the Panhandle Animal Shelter, along with enthusiasm, fun and pride among those in attendance. 

Twas a perfect day, a perfect setting and a perfectly lovely and phenomenal experience---truly the "cat's MEEEOOOWWW!"

Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!  

     On a final note-----to P and C:  go maire sibh an lá! 

54 years! WOW!

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