Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dog-Day Morning and Afternoon

Well, most of yesterday was a dog day, 'cept the late afternoon when my attention turned to mice.  More about that later. 

In the morning, in fact, during blogging time, Bill headed off to town to pick up materials for the new box stall in the barn. 

His first load included a few sheets of plywood. Later, he picked up some REALLY heavy 6 by 6 treated beams.

And, yes, dogs either supervised or just watched as he nailed up a couple of sheets of plywood, and we tried one of the hand-dug post holes out for size. 

Bill says Willie may have to come and help him get those beams standing and secured in perfectly straight lines from each other and from those against the wall. 

So, that project is on hold until the beams are in place. 

Later, we headed to Schweitzer Plaza behind Taylor Parker just off from HWY 95 in Ponderay where the Laughing Dog Brewery and Taproom has just moved.

It was open-house day at the Brewery where Fred and Michelle Colby were hosting visitors on tours through the new, very impressive facility and even enjoying some of their own brew.  

Visitors included dogs and their owners and a few dogless humans, including us.  I kicked myself for not bringing at least Foster with us, since his name, we've been told, is Australian for beer. 

Anyway, it was fun to see the new digs.  I told Michelle that this could eventually turn into a Guinness-style attraction for the area.  

Laughing Dog started 11 years ago after Fred, a former Coldwater Creek employee, had spent time experimenting with brewing various beers in his garage.  The hobby served a stress reliever at the time.  

Now, as the business does grow, maybe it's not relieving so much stress, but for sure there's a great sense of pride in the scope of the popular brewery that the Colby's have developed in such a short time. 

From the looks of the steady stream of supporters, human and canine, who continued to arrive while we were there, the new Laughing Dog location is gonna be a popular place. 

We enjoyed our visit.  Then, Bill headed for the Moyie while I went back to town to get a mop.  Late afternoon was spent mopping the floor and setting out mouse traps.

What is it about those little nasty urchins that causes them to suddenly show up.  In less that half hour, the traps had caught two mice in two different places.  

We're hoping they were singletons and that the traps stay idle for a long time, as they have for a few years up to yesterday. 

Anyway, we have no laughing mice here at the Lovestead.  And, I'm hoping it stays that way. 

Happy Sunday, and good job, Colby's. 

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