Monday, August 29, 2016

Solo Drive near Naples

I love our dogs very much BUT every once in a while, I like to go for a drive all by myself.  
Yesterday afternoon Bill was alternating between working on the barn project and watching sports, so it seemed like a good time to leave dogs home and escape with just my camera to keep me company.

This two-hour outing took me to Naples, where I turned off on the McArthur Lake Road, which extends through the beautiful Wyman Wildlife Preserve and beyond. 

It had been several years since I first saw Bond Lake, so I turned off to the right on a dusty, winding road and drove through an beautifully thinned and open forested area of hills and valleys.  

First hints of fall was evident in the brilliance of some of the wild shrubbery. 

My memories of Bond Lake, from that one other visit, were looking down and easily seeing the lake through open timber.  Well, I guess the timber has grown, so yesterday's visit involved turning off on a short road leading to the lake. 

If I wanted solitude, it was abundant at that pretty little lake since there was no sign of anyone else anywhere nearby.  I snapped a couple of photos and drove on.

The road alongside the Wyman property and Highland Flats also runs through some rural upscale housing developments and some nice farms, including an impressive farm for Young Living Essential Oils.

From the Young Living website: 

The Highland Flats farm in Idaho is home to one of the world’s largest essential oil distilleries.

Young Living hosts an annual Winter Harvest and Spring Reforestation project where members are invited to participate and experience the Seed to Seal process firsthand.

Highland Flats gives back to the earth with sustainable farming practices.

After several stops for photos, I eventually made the complete Loop from McArthur Lake. Once back at the parking lot near the lake, I strolled along the shoreline and enjoyed watching some geese on one of the docks.  I've decided that McArthur Lake is a lovely sight any season of the year. 

My sisters had gone for the weekend to a horse show in Wenatchee and had asked me to put their horses in the barn for the evening, so a turn off on West Elmira Road allowed some extra sight seeing which would put me back at Colburn at the right time for the horses to move from their pasture to the barn. 

As always, yesterday's afternoon drive provided some pleasant solitude and time to totally enjoy being selfish, stopping whenever and wherever I wished without Liam getting upset.  
Liam is not the most relaxed pup in a car. 

I returned to a nice welcome from the group of three who were again outside supervising Bill as he worked on the barn stall.  It's coming along nicely. 

Today's focus will be on leveling the surface in preparation for stall mats, along with the usual daily chores. 

Happy Monday.  Enjoy the photos. 

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