Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Love's and Friends Do Wrigley Field

Twas a lifetime event:  seeing baseball's top team (an historic anomaly for the Cubs) play on their home ground at legendary Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Maybe it was fitting that they lost when we were there.  Wouldn't want to mess with history, would we?

Yup, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Cubs Sunday night, but none of us really cared.  We were there for the experience, and it did not disappoint.

Twas everything we thought it would be, from the walk through Wrigleyville, the hanging out with the earlybirds at the Deuce Pub to getting our certificates as first timers to just plain taking in all there is to see at Wrigley Field. 

The subway ride back to downtown Chicago with all those Cubs fans wasn't bad either. 

This lifetime event fits in that commercial about how much everything costs, only to conclude "priceless."

Enjoy the photos.  Happy Wednesday.  

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Helen said...

The economy seems to be booming in Chicago with what looks like a full house at a baseball game!