Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Mundane, Sorta

Actually, there really is no mundane in the Sandpoint area during the summer time.  Our weekend trip to Chicago, though, definitely added some new dimensions and excitement to our everyday lives.

Always good to come home though, and always a new appreciation for home and the supporting cast members after a few days or weeks away. 

One of my first stops the day after we arrived back was at my sisters' farm.  I was on my way to pick up lawnmower gas for yesterday's weekly mowing project when I saw that a major and important project of their summer was occurring. 

The transfer of more than 40 tons of hay from a stack in their driveway to their big barn was in its second night. 

So, Laurie and I visited for a while as Brooke, the main self-appointed supervisor and little Joe who's just learning the ropes were maintaining close proximity to the stack and the teenage workers. 

I'm thinking this morning that Barbara and Laurie's hay is now in the barn and once more the giant sigh of summer relief about the winter's feed has been breathed. 

I did spend my day yesterday mowing the lawn, and the wind will spend its day today covering it with dry leaves.  Drives me crazy to have a beautifully groomed lawn only to have Mother Nature mess it all up.

Speaking of grooming, Mr. Festus had his first experience at a beauty parlor yesterday. Among the many things on my "to do's" this summer was to get our happy, purring cat a good bath. 

Well, that happened yesterday, and Festus came home looking pretty normal with just a little clipping up on his back where tags of hair needed to be removed.  He looks a lot lighter than usual, which is a good thing cuz Festus has a reputation---mainly from his vet---of being "obese."  

I have a feeling our ol' friend will have a little more giddi-up to his gait with all that extra hair gone, and he may even purr a little louder. 

Lawn mowing yesterday was bearable, but those early evening hours reminded me too much of last year's stifling heat.  Even the front yard, which is shaded, didn't have too much relief to offer.  

Still, Bill took the chuck-it balls out for Liam to enjoy.  Kiwi and Foster enjoy the balls, but don't do much 'cept hold on to them.  Liam, however, runs until he almost literally drops, and I happened to show up about the time his tongue was really hanging out from heat and exhaustion. 

In other news, those plants in my garden box, which I originally thought were herbs, have started showing their true colors.  

Mums!  I've got mums.  Can't remember planting mums and actually thought I had carnations coming somewhere around the yard.  This spring I just kept planting seeds of all kinds anywhere and everywhere.

Oh well, the mums are pretty, and it looks like I can have a nice array of cut flowers as they continue to open. 

The last photo is one of 25 which were 25 of 350 I took Saturday in Chicago.  Let me tell you how low one feels upon the discovery of 350 once-in-a-lifetime photos inadvertently deleted during the download process. 

I've never had that happen before SO I was feeling really low Saturday night after a full day of family activity, which did include the cruise on Lake Michigan and the scattering of ashes honoring would have been a couple's 75th wedding anniversary and the dinner afterward at the Westin Hotel where more family members showed up. 

Yes, I did my usual scanning of the group, snapping photos when folks knew I was taking photos and others when they were totally unaware. 

And, yes, I lost them all when something with my laptop or the scan disk went wrong. 

Sick is hardly the word for it, but after the initial full-body shock and awe, I allowed my brain to start thinking again.  

There must be a way to recover these photos, I thought.  So, late in the night I tried one downloaded program, which showed images but not (just logos representing images) and then said pay up. 

I'm kinda stupid, but even I would not pay for something I could not see, so I did my best to sleep it off. 

The next morning I confessed to the extended family members and then thought of contacting my friend and photographer extraordinaire Chris Pietsch.  He said he felt my pain and suggested another photo recovery program.

When I arrived home, I downloaded the program, and, yes, PAID for it, because Chris had recommended it to me.  After some trial and error, I finally clicked in the right places and managed to recover 25 of the 350 photos.  Thank you, Chris.  The pain has lessened a tad.

Not yet satisfied that I have gone clear to the ends of the earth (as promised to my cousins, et. al.) I have now turned over the card and a thumb drive to my computer wizard who said he has a couple of tools that might find the rest of them. 

So, because it was mighty hot last night and because we could have used that fountain where the kids play at Chicago's Navy Pier and because it was a cute photo from the 25 recovered, I've posted it this morning. 

Lots more of life back in the mundane.  It's all good, but that's enough for now. 

Happy Thursday. 

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