Sunday, August 21, 2016

Not Much

I often ask my daughter-in-law Debbie, "What's new?"

"Not much," she'll say. 

As the conversation unfolds, there's usually something new to share, even if it doesn't seem like much.

That's kinda the case here on this sunny Sunday morning. 

Not much.  

We worked on fence between the Meserve's and us throughout the day yesterday.  The work was tedious, cleaning out brush, stretching and tacking light woven wire to metal fence posts in 50-foot stretches. 

We still have about 75 feet to go and have only one 50-foot roll of wire.  So, we'll have to pick up another roll this morning at North 40, since I bought the last of Co-Op's supply late yesterday afternoon.

The fence had its first test last night when Liam did his usual run to our pasture and saw Bert Wood's cow herd looking back at him. 

This time he had no openings in the fence line, allowing him to pass over into the pasture where the herd stood. All he could do was bark.  

No more herding of the neighbor cattle by Liam, if the fence does its job.

"All for the love of a dog," one of the Co-Op employees, who'd seen me in the store three times in two days,  commented. He was referring to the ends to which we humans will go for our canine friends.

If I were to tally the Liam-related expense tab over the past nine months, I might not even have to complain about the annual tax bill. 

He's kept us busy, on our toes and continually spending money. 

But the handsome youngster is worth every penny and every drop of sweat and every frantic moment spent keeping him out of trouble. 

When we'd had enough of fencing for the day, Bill went took Kiwi fishing (up there in those Selkirks at Pack River) while the other two dogs and I went on a short drive through the neighborhood where cute little Angus calves have suddenly appeared in one of the Wood's pastures.  

So, it was a day of "not much" to talk about but certainly much accomplished for the sake of a dog---all through meticulous toil and teamwork. 

Happy Sunday. 

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