Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Slight

 On this Saturday morning, in the good news department, I can report that I have SWEET POTATOES----not just pretty plants but "tubulars." 

Tiny tubulars, just yet but if we don't have a freeze, they will grow, and my garden experiment for 2016 would have been a success.

Plus, it would be nice to be able to sample homegrown sweet taters for one of the holiday meals.

Not quite the Sweet Potato Queen but definitely a start. 

This fall I'm planning to embark on another new experiment with my ongoing gardening adventures:  peach trees.  

They told me at Moose Valley that we can grow peach trees that actually produce sweet, juicy peaches AND in just a couple of years.  So, come fall, I'll purchase a couple of young trees and try to follow all the rules. 

Unfortunately, this year's overall gardening experience has not been all good news, even with the garden fence to keep away the deer and the boxes designed to keep away the aches and pains of bending over. 

Cuke numbers are down, way down, and those 'mater bushes seem to have a lot fewer fruits.  Some people are complaining because theirs haven't ripened yet.  Those same folks may have forgotten how early all gardens were last year cuz generally the tomatoes wait until Labor Day to turn red.

In another department, my corn grew knee high by the Fourth of July and then quit.  

Bill has had about ten bites of corn on the cob this summer because when the mature stalks are three feet high, the ears are gonna be small proportionately.  He told me that what little he had of the pygmy corn tasted good. 

I've come to the conclusion the past few years that corn can be pretty temperamental and deceiving, at least in my garden.  

Some years the stalks have stretched to well over my head only to produce many ears with just a few kernals on the cob while other years have seen a huge percentage of stalks with no ears.  And, one year I grew wonderful corn. 

The zucchini have done well this year.  Cathy Travers Alderman never did get back to me when she posted an inquiry on Facebook, asking if anyone had any extra zukes this year.  

I responded "yep, where do you want them dropped off."  

I may have scared Cathy.  

Zucchini abundance will do that. Mine aren't so abundant, but one doesn't need too many.

Anyway, we are eating out of the garden---a few cukes, lots of potatoes and carrots.  The flavor makes it all so worth it even if we're short-changed in some departments. 

On this Saturday, I'll be putting up some more fence along our border with Meserve's.  Too many temptations for Mr. Liam, whose intense nose occasionally gets him off track and in the wrong places. 

While working on fence, I'll, no doubt, continue thinking of the wonderful day we spent with extended family on that beautiful yacht sailing around Chicago.  

It was a fun time spent with some phenomenal and interesting people.  I found yet one more valuable photo on my cell phone to remind me of just how special it all was.  

My guru is still attempting to recover the multitude of other photos from the cruise and the dinner afterward that disappeared from the memory card.  

I told him to keep going on his end, and I'd keep talking to St. Anthony on my end.  

Twas hot and humid in Chicago last weekend, and it's gonna be a scorcher here this weekend, minus a few percents of humidity. 

Good for gardens to grow and probably escaping inside to watch the Olympics or in an air conditioned vehicle to enjoy some sights in the mountains. 

Either way, all good. 

Happy Saturday. 

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