Friday, September 09, 2016

All in a Fall Day

Yesterday provided wonderful (well mostly) reminders of why I love living on a farm in a rural neighborhood, especially in the fall. 

It was a day filled with work but good work and for a good cause----that adorable but curious friend pictured below.  

I spent the whole morning working tacking up segments of woven wire fencing, while Liam spent the morning not too far away, on his extra long leash, of course.  

Occasionally, Foster or Kiwi would come along and steal his coffee can toys; then, Liam would whine.

All the while, billowy clouds floated overhead, and a lovely breeze would occasionally blow in, cooling the air for a time.  It was a put-on, take-off sort of day, in the clothing department, that is.  

Later, Bill came home from work and helped me finish up the fence.  We then worked at individual projects, which involved plugging more holes where Liam might want to follow his nose into illegal territory. 

Bill put up some otherwise unused long, metal gates behind his wood pile.  I stood some pallets on end near the machine shed and poked my unused garden decorative fence in an area near the barnyard where we don't have board fence. 

Except for the ingress and egress area, we're hoping that the "play pasture" will now keep Liam in a safe zone when he wants to run loose and enjoy being a country dog. 

When yesterday's outside work was done, I fixed a meal with homegrown potatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, chard and carrots.  Wood's bacon and German sausage, processed less than a mile away in the neighborhood, also served as ingredients. 

Pretty tasty and so satisfying to know that it all came from right here in Selle and mostly from my garden. 

While we were eating, some strong winds whooped up, and then some pounding rain dropped from dark, dark clouds coming over Schweitzer. 

When the storm had passed, a potpourri of gorgeous images awaited outside. 

So, off I went with my camera, snapping left and right.  What a dramatic scene a good fall storm leaves for us!

To top it off, I heard metal clanging and looked over into Gary Finney's woods to see a team and wagon circling around an open area.  So, I walked up the road, hoping they would come out the driveway. 

Along the way, Meserve's "Garden of Eden," as I like to call it, was glistening with a new layer of rain water.  I almost expected to see Eve----or at least a deer---grabbing an apple from the tree.  Apparently, the doe I saw a few seconds later had already eaten her dinner. 

Sure enough, once I moved on toward Gary's driveway, the team and wagon and four happy passengers came from the woods, down the driveway and to the road where they headed north. 

Twas a priceless 15 minutes for me and my camera and one more notch on life's wall reminding me why "I love country and country's all I'll ever be." 

Happy Friday to all. 


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures

you missed jim driving finney's team-he is driving in the senior class in the dfaft horse show.

Helen said...

EXTRA beautiful pictures today!!!