Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Slight

I saw this on Twitter earlier this week, and it seemed like an appropriate way to start out this Saturday after the first week of school in these parts. 

The photo reflected a creative approach to retired school buses.  

We've been seeing a lot of working school buses passing by our place this week, and last night at dinner we heard a few highlights from this year's opening week in the classroom.  

Sounds like it was generally a good week for the trio of family members.

Seems a new rule took effect at Sandpoint High School this week:  no cell phones used for anything in the classroom.  Not to be seen or will be confiscated. 

We then imagined how crazy it must be in the SHS hallways during the passing bell with all those students moving through the masses to the next class, checking their phones. Could be some interesting collisions. 

Of course, then one must also figure that if nobody is allowed to use cell phones during class, there should generally be no new text messages, right?  

I'm wondering what the odds are on that speculation.

Speaking of text messages, I have not been receiving all of mine.  This morning after the most recent incident I'm still wondering why my message transferral is so erratic. 

This week I waited for two days for a message from my sisters, only to find out they had sent it within minutes of when I had originally texted them. Yet, I've received all other messages before and since.

Same thing happened to me in Chicago when I sent messages to my kids and their responses never reached my cell phone. Someone suggested that it might be because of the phone being turned to airplane mode in flight.  

Turn it off and on again, they suggested.  So I did.  Never did receive any of their messages.

There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to why this is happening, but it's frustrating, to say the least.  Folks have suggested that maybe it's time for a new phone.  

Anyway, it's Saturday in Selle and the critters are moving.  Seems like my chore time in the morning always has a little excitement between the turkeys and the deer.  

This morning was no exception.  While I was taking horses to pasture, the turkeys had arisen and were making their way across the hay field.  Horses were concerned about something over at the Meserve Preserve.

While they wanted to prance and look that direction, Foster took off and headed for the yard with his persistent and forceful Foster bark.

I never did see the object of his attention.  

So, I finished the horse project and headed toward the paperbox in time to see the hind feet of something rather big slipping headed into the Garden of Eden at Meserve's.  It looked large enough to be a moose.

Curious as to what this might be, I walked that direction and saw a Whitetail buck with a good-sized rack just leaving the fruit trees.  

Back at the house, Bill asked if I saw the deer.  He said three has passed through the yard, setting Liam off, which explained Foster's earlier concern.  

We're figuring that we'll see more deer passing through the yard now that two stretches of additional fence are blocking their easy passageway AND Liam's escape along the lane area. 

Sure enough, this morning's activity has confirmed that cuz later Liam, who was at his usual observing post at a couch window seemed to be concerned once again.  

Yup, members of the Bambi family (pictured below) were making their way through the yard, nibbling all along the way. 

We're wondering what happened to the fourth fawn, which I saw the other night and have surmised that maybe Mom was just babysitting that night.

Anyway, the place is crawling with deer, turkeys AND squirrels, keeping us entertained throughout the day.   Yesterday morning we even saw what almost looked like a wolf out in the hay field with Lily.

Some neighbors have suggested that a very large coyote has been seen around the countryside, so we'll just accept that and keep an eye out. 

Not to be redundant but never a dull moment. 

Happy Saturday. 

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Helen said...

Doesn't it seem awfully late for spotted fawns to be about? Seems they should show up in the spring or early summer and about half grown by now to make it through the winter. We drove Selle Road a week ago showing a visitor around and I can't remember seeing so many deer in a long time. You do seem to have an over population.