Sunday, September 11, 2016

Clickin' Sisters at Snow Falls

My sisters and I managed to spend some clicking time yesterday in between horse stuff. They went to the horse show at the fairgrounds, which was poorly attended and ended at 10:30 a.m. 

So, that left time for recreation before washing a horse for today's portion of the show. Still enamored with the trail into Snow Falls and knowing we'd have enough time to take the trip, I suggested we go that way. 

So, we took the back road aka old highway from Naples to Moravia, stopped to admire beautiful Deep Creek and then drove the West Side Road briefly along the southwest side of the Kootenai Valley. 

Snow Falls is popular because it's not far from Bonners Ferry and, as mentioned before, the trail is beautifully laid out and maintained. 

Plus, the falls are pretty. 

Yesterday's trip was just as enjoyable as the one two weeks ago because it was fun to see Barbara and Laurie appreciating the sights and stopping to take photos. 

We enjoyed all aspects of the Upper Falls, snapped a few photos of each other and then headed back with thoughts of a 25-cent swirl cone from the Bonners Ferry Super 1 keeping us motivated. 

Twas a short trip but a good one.  

We are being blessed with incredible, comfortable weather for enjoying the outdoors, and we're loving it. 

On the deer front, this Sunday morning, all I have to report is that it's a "two-buck day" at the Meserve Preserve.  The two bucks are evenly matched for their impressive antlers, and they know where the apples are. 

Happy Sunday on this day of remembering a very sad event in our modern history. 

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