Thursday, September 22, 2016

Arabian Sport Horse Nationals: Day One of Competition

Another short night after a second day spent at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals where my sister Laurie is competing with Ravenwood Hot Stuff aka Pache.  

Barbara and Laurie purchased the flashy Half Arabian as a young gelding from Ravenwood Arabians in Ronan, Mont.  

He's still pretty young for competing nationally.  But Pache takes pretty much everything in his stride.  And, his stride, overall look and temperament was good enough at different gaits in yesterday's Half Arabian junior horse competition to earn him a national Top Ten ribbon and plaque.  

Originally, we thought he had finished fifth in the individual dressage tests among 18 competitors.  Turns out it was sixth, but that's just fine too.  A national Top Ten is a big deal for a 4-year-old with very little competitive experience under his belt. 

So, everyone was pleased as punch, probably even Pache who had spent part of the night (about 1 a.m. or so) out of his stall going around and meeting other horses.  

That meant Laurie and Roxzene spent part of the night going from the hotel to the Idaho Center to make sure Pache was safely in his stall.  They had a difficult time getting back to sleep, so it was a long day for them.

Pache's nocturnal activities didn't seem to faze him, and he performed nicely for his first national dressage test. 

It was a fun day from the morning preparation to watching the competition and, of course, watching the people and pets watching the competition.

I enjoyed an added bonus when my dear friend and former editor from the Appaloosa Journal, Diane Rice, came to the Idaho Center for a visit.  Diane recalled that the last time we saw each other was when Extreme Home Makeover had come to Sandpoint. 

A lot of water under the bridge since then, so we enjoyed some catching up.  Diane also enjoyed holding Pache for a photo or two.  My sister, Roxzene (with poop picker upper in hand) tried to look mean for their photo, but they could work at that a little. 

With just minutes left before I had to drive back to Boise, drop off the rental car and catch my flight (which left about 45 minutes late because of a storm), Pache and Laurie officially received their loot at the Awards Ceremony. 

Always meeting new friends in my travels.  Lerry from the Sport Horse National Show staff got me set up with a parking pass, and Tammy, an amazing mother of five foster children,  former college basketball player at Colorado State University, massage therapist and fellow people lover, added to the fun at the show.  

A typical entourage for each competitor-----coffee, bucket with brushes, mounting block and dog!

And, a good time was had by all.  Thanks, Laurie and Roxzene, for putting up with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the two days spent with you at the show.  Good luck with the rest of your classes. 

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Diane Rice

Great fun! A day with horses and friends is always a good day. Well, almost always ... horses sometimes have a knack for getting into "situations"! ;-)