Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scenes at the Horse Show

Twas the day before classes began at the 2016 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals at the Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho.  This day spent with my sister Laurie and our family friend Roxzenne was filled with walking the grounds, meeting dogs, horses and many of their owners and with just plain anticipation for the Wednesday (today's) opening day.  

The grounds at the Idaho Center are beautiful and expansive with several arenas and wonderful facilities, including warm water and soap at the wash racks----a very popular spot late in the afternoon on Tuesday. 

And, so today, the classes begin, and at about the time this blog is usually read by the morning coffee sippers, Laurie will be riding Pache in her first dressage class of the show.  Then, comes the waiting game as individual performances are scored and placings are determined by those scores.  

First time in National competition for Pache, but not the first for Laurie who has won some of those bronze statues in past years. 

It's all fun, and the folks we've met are all very nice, as are their dogs!

Happy Wednesday.  Good luck, Laurie and Pache!

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