Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gone to the Dogs at Dover

Actually, I will be out the door when my friend Helen and Cherry tune in to read and edit this morning.  So, Helen and Cherry, go easy on me.

Big event at Dover this morning starting at 9, and its purpose is to support the Panhandle Animal Shelter.  It's a walk/run, and, in many cases, will include the walkers'/runners' best friends. 

I'd like to take Liam BUT I'm taking pictures.  

Liam and I haven't exactly practiced teamwork with photography, especially in settings with a whole lot of people and other dogs to meet. So, he'll stay home.  Maybe next year.

I think it's gonna be a lot of fun, especially out there at beautiful Dover Bay. 

In the meantime, I was quite delighted this morning to discover that all those jars of plum jelly prepared yesterday afternoon set up overnight.  

Seems the last couple of years I've had some problems in that department and have had to recook my jelly.  

This time, though, it's a one-shot deal with 24 little jars of that pretty and zesty red stuff. 

I'm also pleased that my tomatoes are turning red now that they're in the house and sitting in the garden window.  Last night I cut up a couple and smothered them with zesty Italian dressing.  

Talk about a delight!  I guess they're definitely well worth the long wait. 

It was a very busy day yesterday, racing around trying to get things done both inside and out for next weekend's cousins' gathering, but while heading over to the Colburn farm to pick up some tables, I stopped several times to shoot some fall splendor. 

It's just coming on, and every day, every minute of fall is worth beholding.  Looks like we might get quite a color show this year. 

Anywho, I'll close and wish everyone a wonderful day.  And, soon I'll head to Dover and yell, "Go, Dogs and Masters!" and I'll just type, "Go, Laurie and Pache!!  Good luck in your last class at Nationals." 

Happy Sunday. 

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