Monday, September 26, 2016

Yay! Yay! Ruff! Ruff! and Moo! Moo!

What a weekend of activity---all good! 

Yesterday my sister Laurie won another Top Ten Ribbon in dressage at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa.  She, Roxzene and Pache will, no doubt, be "floating" as they come home today from a week of competition.  

Congratulations to all on a fine week competing among the nation's finest. 

While Laurie was horsing around in Nampa, Annie was visiting with cows and Border Collies in Germany and Austria----the Alps, to be exact.  

It was a "working" trip, but by most other folks' standards, it's mighty fine work, doing all that hiking and sight seeing in all that beauty. 

I think Annie's supposed to be back in Seattle Tuesday.  Willie will be joining her Wednesday night at the Sounders match, where Annie won a bunch of enviable perks, like walking the sidelines and hobnobbing with the team, with a guest, no less.

So, Willie's making a quick trip over to serve as her guest at the soccer match.

Willie and Debbie and I went to the dogs yesterday at Dover and had a fine time.  They served as guides for the fun run which benefits the Panhandle Animal Shelter, and I took photos.  

I'll post a few samples below.

With all the stuff going on with just this family and with another family member in the cousins' contingent spending several days in Ireland while another is hunting for a big horn sheep, I have a feeling that this weekend's reunion will involve a lot of lively conversation.  

It's a fun life.  Someone's gotta live it. And, these folks are making the most of it, along with their animals. 

Yappy Monday!



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