Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Saturday Slight Detour

It’s  5 a.m. Saturday.  Bill and Marianne are sitting in a toasty travel trailer listening to the BBC on the radio  and to occasional growling of some dogs thinking other dogs need to be kept in line. 

That would mainly be Foster who has emphatically expressed the most frustration of our three traveling pooches about pecking order and eating order.

While Foster sits in the main aisle of our new trailer, Kiwi is enjoying a fine breakfast, having interrupted Foster’s feast.  Liam lies on the Murphy bed watching the doggie disagreements and trying to stay out of the conflict.

The doggie dynamic while occupying our Hideaway seems to be the only challenge we’ve encountered since pulling into Two Rivers Resort at the confluence of the Kootenai and Moyie Rivers, northeast of Bonners Ferry, ID, yesterday afternoon.

It’s a beautiful spot, and this time of year,  we are fortunate to be sharing the place with a bunch of plump deer who have been enjoying rich lawn grass since Rex, the manager, quit mowing a few weeks ago in their behalf.

We have walked the grounds with dogs, enjoyed a fine dinner surrounded by dogs and, happily, slept fairly well through the night with dogs.  When these three go to bed, they go to bed.  Not a peep and nary a move out of them once they found their resting spots for the night.

So, we’re thinking this maiden run with our new trailer and our canine family has been a relatively great success.  I don’t know if Foster will ever decide that he doesn’t need to keep Kiwi and Liam in line while traveling with the trailer, but for the most part, I think they all will enjoy this new aspect of overnight recreational outings as much as we have.

It’s been a good first run, and we have what looks to be a fine day ahead before returning to the Lovestead where Elisabeth has been watching after the horses.  Thanks, Elisabeth.  Much appreciated.

And, thanks , Rex, for your warm welcome and great conversation. You operate a beautiful and lovely resort.

We’ll be home, refreshed and in time to watch the Cubs as they resume the National League Champion Series at Wrigley Field.

In closing, Bill just announced that “there’s harmony in the canine family.” That is a good thing.

Go, Cubs!  Happy Saturday. Enjoy the photos.

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