Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Very Good Day, Indeed

Bill and I came home yesterday afternoon from our maiden experience with the new travel trailer and with the dogs, pleased as punch.

And, the day got even better.

We were beyond thrilled with how well the dogs behaved during the overnight stay spent at breath-takingly beautiful Two Rivers Resort, which is located deep within a canyon below the small mill town of Moyie Springs, Idaho. 

Liam, Foster and Kiwi were, indeed, troopers throughout the adventure, 'cept maybe for a few short-lived squabbles inside the trailer.  

Before our trip, I harbored very real fears that we'd never get a drop of sleep with dogs feeling uneasy in the new surroundings of that trailer.  

Admittedly, Liam, being lowest in the pecking order, according to Kiwi and Foster, probably experienced the most unease as he did everything to stay out of their way. 

I think Liam slept well last night during his first-ever night in the garage outside his crate. I doubt he slept very well in the travel trailer, but I know he seldom moved a muscle throughout the entire night.  None of the dogs moved from the time the lights went out Friday night until they came back on again early Saturday morning. 

Definitely a triumph for our plans to take them on future travel trailer adventures. 

Our Saturday began with Bill fixing a nice breakfast of huckleberry hotcakes, sausage and bacon while I went to the one and only hot spot at the resort, sat at the picnic table and composed my morning blog.  

Later, Willie came to visit us after enjoying a nice breakfast at the Bread Basket Bakery just a few miles away from our campground.  We enjoyed a cup of coffee and then walked with him to the beautiful spot where the Moyie and Kootenai Rivers meet deep in that canyon. 

When Willie went on his way, the morning sun followed suit, so we went for a drive through some stubborn rainstorms on old HWY 2 and, later, up the Yaak River Road.  

Eventually, we turned off on a side road, leading us up through the mountains and the most beautiful, expansive stand of gold larch I think I've ever seen.  I'm saving those photos for another day because the experience deserves its own moment in the spotlight. 

By the time we arrived back at the campground, so had the sun.  So, Bill took off for a quick fishing trip, and I finished up a project at the trailer with the dogs. 

Then, we all headed over toward where Bill was fishing.  On our way, we met Jackson and Emma who were enjoying the playground equipment.  They wanted to pet dogs.  Jackson also wanted me to count how many seconds it would take him to jog around an area in the playground.  

So, I counted out loud for 37 seconds as he circled the area twice.  

Then, I went on my way, occasionally getting tangled up in dog leashes.  When Kiwi saw Bill out there in the water, she really wanted to join him. 

After all, she's a fly fishing collie.  We were able to convince her to stay out of the water since we were leaving soon. 

As I separated from Bill, Kiwi and Foster to go make a call at the hot spot, I turned to see Jackson and Emma running my way with gifts they had gathered near the playground. 

What a warm and wonderful feeling to see this brother and sister with such a spirit of generosity for a new acquaintance.  I'm thinking we'll be friends, and I told them I hoped to see them again, which is possible since they live near the new hatchery at Twin Rivers. 

After organizing and preparing the trailer for the trip home, we both agreed that it had been one fine experience, especially because of our "good dogs." 

We arrived in the driveway in time to clear most of the necessary items from the trailer, grab a bite to eat and sit back and watch history as the CUBS emphatically and brilliantly won that all-important fourth game in their best-out-of seven National League Championship series.

And, now they'll try to the World Series for the first time since 1945 when they played in the Series but lost. 

That was the year my mother left Chicago with my brother Mike and her English Setter Peggy and began a new life in Sandpoint, Idaho. 

And, this was the year that we Love's, as a family, went to Chicago and saw the Cubs in Wrigley Field.  A nice parallel, I'd say.

What a wonderful display of athleticism and community pride to watch, and what a phenomenal and positive diversion from so much of the ugly, continuous negativity we have all endured through this endless and divisive Presidential campaign. 

I remember reading the wonderful book Seabiscuit and learning how Seabiscuit's incredible success in the Thoroughbred racing world provided a positive and unifying distraction from otherwise negative events during his era.

I look at what the Cubs have accomplished this year and how they've accomplished their historical and proud achievement, and again I say, "nice parallel." 

As Alex Rodriquez said last night after the Cubs victory, "This transcends sports." 

Go, Cubs!  Thanks Twin Rivers.  Thanks, Emma and Jackson.  What wonderful memories from a very special day!

Happy Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MaryAnn, this is Emma. It was really nice meeting you and your dogs and husband. I hope you come back next year to visit. I love the pictures of your horses too. Merry Christmas!

Emma James