Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another "Precious" Day

Yup, that's birthday girl Annie Love of Sandpoint, Idaho, and Seattle, Wash., with the Sounders in this promotional photo.

Well, it's now been 38 "Precious" days for Bill and me since that Oct. 19, 1978, when little Miss Annie Love greeted us for the first time at Bonner General Hospital.

On this "Precious" day, she is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she tells me it's a pretty day---just like the day she was born.

Annie touched down in Toronto around 6 a.m. our time this morning. She'll be there for the next few days, and we're fully expecting to see her today from our perches here at the Lovestead.

I have no doubt that we will.  We just won't know which of the thousands of rowdy fans twirling white flags, cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays, will be our daughter. 

She told me yesterday afternoon that she'll be sitting in a prime seat along the first-base line.  So, at least, we'll know what direction to look for her. 

Annie's having a pretty good birthday week, having spent the first part of it in St. Louis. Then, back to Seattle for almost two days, then off to Toronto.

And, yesterday, her good fortune from a few weeks ago came to fruition when the Seattle Sounders sent out the promotional item above.  

Annie got to be in the photo after winning a contest with her Sounders-based photography a while back. 

The photo was taken at the match when Willie flew over to Seattle and joined her as she walked along the sidelines, hobnobbing with Sounders team members. 

Yup, our little "Precious" continues to experience the "days of her life," and we thoroughly enjoy watching her in action as she travels the world and laps up all that life has to offer. 

Her first 38 years have been action-packed, and there's no sign she's gonna slow down soon. 

Happy Birthday, Annie Love.  Enjoy your day, and if you do wave your white flag our way during the big game, we'll wave back, and maybe shed a tear or two of total joy. 

Our "Precious" is 38 today.

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