Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday This and That

A good carrot year.  Two planter boxes worth.  They now reside inside a cardboard box in the barn surrounded by sand.  We'll see if that storage method keeps them nice for the winter.

No cars behind me on Boekel Road yesterday, so I could grab this quick picture of a lovely and stately barn on the prairie. 

The essence of late fall with the appearance of  larch gold on mountain sides and slash burns during moist, cooler weather. 

Kiwi and Lefty preparing for the Third Debate. 

Pretty much one of the last roses of summer.  

Life is complete.  I have my ZAGS posters and will deliver. 

The Cubs won big last night.  The Presidential debates are over. Bring on Trump TV! 

The Blue Jays lost.  One guy in Rogers Center, where Cleveland earned its way to the World Series yesterday, apparently lost some of his clothes and took to the field in search. 

Annie and thousands of other cell phone owners in the stands caught what they would not show on TV during the final portion of the game----the guy getting arrested.

Though Toronto lost, Annie's take is that Cleveland will be in the Series and now Chicago MUST win the National League Play-offs so that she will be able to say she saw both World Series teams play.  Hope it happens. 

In other news, I drove to Spokane yesterday, with Liam and Foster aboard, and picked up my Gonzaga women's and men's basketball posters.  It's become a ritual, and I must say that with all the other stuff going on yesterday, it was a quick trip. 

Seems the days are going that way as we move from fall into the winter season.  As I walked out of the door of McArthey Athletic Complex, I uttered my usual gratitude to the receptionist:  the ZAGS help us make it through the winter. 

While I'm on the ZAGS, I must add a nice little anecdote.  I left some Sandpoint Magazines from last year's winter edition which included a story about ZAGMANIA in the Sandpoint area. 

That story began with Swiss Miss's (Willie and Debbie's exchange student from a couple of years ago) initial experience after she landed at Spokane Airport for the first time.  My first conversation with her as we sat in the back seat involved teaching her "GO, ZAGS." 

Well, Laura eventually got it mastered and can now shout it out with the best of ZAGS fans.  And, now Laura is finishing up her last year at the International School in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, where her father serves as technical director for the national soccer association. 

Earlier this week, I received an email from Laura entitled "Surprise Visitor."  Twas a recruiting representative from Gonzaga University visiting her school.  Somehow, Laura happened to be wearing her "ZAGS" hat.  

I have a feeling the surprise may have fallen more on the representative than Laura. After all, how many times do these folks meet up with someone from Switzerland going to high school in Malaysia who can shout out "GO, ZAGS!" ?

It may have been a first.  

Who knows? Maybe Laura will find a way to attend Gonzaga!

And, so the fall beat goes on, and we're down to the teens in days left enduring to the daily litany of lies, lies, lies, nasty women, "I don't think so women," bigley problems, debunked stories, snorts, bad hombres, fraud and Wiki-leaks.

And, during election week, we should survive, especially if the Cubs are playing in the Series, Seattle Seahawks keep winning and the ZAGS begin their respective basketball seasons.

I think it will be fairly easy to change gears and tune in. 

Happy Thursday. 



Big Piney Woods Cats said...

You don't have to pull your carrots. My mom used to leave them in the ground over winter (Minn.) and when she wanted some poured boiling water over them.........

Marianne Love said...

I've tried that in years past, but the carrots had just turned to mush.