Tuesday, October 04, 2016

On Golden Earth

An afternoon drive to the mountains west of Bonners Ferry provided a perfect situation yesterday for reflecting on our recent fun-filled family weekend and, of course, for a relaxing getaway.

Bill wanted to go to Myrtle Creek, so we turned off the main Highway 95 and took the old highway route through Naples and Moravia before reaching the West Side Road which borders the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge.  

We did make a couple of stops alongside the southernmost section of the refuge, which is always pretty but particularly stunning with its fall colors. 

Not far past the refuge headquarters, the Myrtle Creek Road winds up the mountain, soon providing breath-taking views of the Kootenai Valley and always a good chance of seeing wildlife.  

A plump and healthy-looking mule deer running up an embankment provided our first animal sighting. 

We drove on, admiring little clumps of red and golden colors dotting the comparatively bare hillsides on the north side of the road.  A fire had gone through the area about 12 years ago, and much of the shrub growth is returning. 

We brought along hiking shoes and eventually stopped to take pleasant walk on a blocked off road which crosses Myrtle Creek.  

Of course, Bill had to study the waters of the stream with thoughts of what kind of fish may be swimming around in those little pools. 

Later we drove on up to Cook's Pass and, as always, admired the magnificent view of Myrtle's Turtle where large portion of the tree line was exploding with brilliant colors. 

Our wildlife sighting needs were fully satisfied with another mule deer and a mother moose and her calf which crossed the road in front of us. 

Throughout the trip, memories of the moments spent at the various venues for the big family gathering came up in conversation-----all positive.  We really do have an awesome, interesting family. 

Twas a good way to debrief and to enjoy the magnificent splendor that Mother Nature is providing us during this beautiful and golden time of the year. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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Judy said...

Absolutely magnificent pictures....thanks for sharing!