Monday, October 03, 2016

Quiet Monday and the Time Machine

A wonderful brunch, compliments of Mike and Mary served as the last gathering for this past weekend's cousins' reunion.  The event was held at the Thompson cabin along the shore of the Pend Oreille River.  

Both the view and the attractive spread of rolls, scones, fruits, etc., and, of course, lots of coffee provided a nice blend for Sunday morning conversations. 

In the background, a TV had been turned on so that the abundant Seahawks fans in the room could take a peek in between visiting to see that their team was doing okay back in New York against the Jets. 

So, all turned out well, and soon everyone was on their way, headed east or west, back to their respective homes. 

It was a fun reunion, and now, this quiet Monday morning serves as a great time for remembering all the little priceless vignettes from the boat tour, the Saturday night dinner and the brunch. 

One of those moments included a tale told to me first thing yesterday at the brunch, regarding our big clock in the living room which used to emit bird sounds upon each hour.  
Well, we've had that clock for a long time, and I think the birds eventually got tired of reminding us what time it was cuz they've gone silent. 

And, another little factoid about the clock.  Years ago (Bill sez it was back in my teaching days, so that's at least 15), I started setting the clock ahead so I'd never be late for work or any other important activity.

Well, I was retired by the time we moved to the Lovestead 10 years ago, and when I hung the clock on the divider between the living room and dining room, I'd gotten so used to having that it set an hour ahead that I just left it that way.

Over the years, the clock has even gained minutes beyond its hour-ahead setting. 

I seldom think about the clock because I always check the microwave to see what time it really is.

Here comes the "taking-it-for-granted" part of the story.

Paul and Sue reported to me that, upon seeing the clock suggesting that it was after 11, they decided they'd better head home from Saturday night's party.

As did several other guests. 

Twasn't until they got to their cars that they realized that it really wasn't much after 9 o'clock.  

Some were implying yesterday that really Marianne probably did that on purpose to hasten along an early exit. 

Good idea, I thought, after hearing the various accounts from Saturday night, but not exactly on my agenda. In fact, I was kinda surprised that everyone left so early for a bunch of happy revelers. 

Oh well, the clock will stay as is, and maybe sometime in the future, it could come in handy.  

So, be aware.  If ya come to my house, see the clock, experience a "where did the time go?" moment, check your watch and stay a while. 

Later, upon arriving back home in the Seattle area, Sue texted me to let me know they had arrived safely, that they had really enjoyed the weekend so much so that the time went by so quickly.

Now, I'm wondering if she was referring to my clock.

Whatever the case, it truly was a fun-filled weekend.

Happy Monday. 

Paul, Sue and Mary

Annie and George

Loretta and Mary

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