Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Very Good Day, Indeed

We kept up the hope, and once we were leaving Kramer Marina on the Shaunodese, welcome patches of blue sky started appearing among the heavy, wet cloud mass.

Twas like someone was listening to our prayers and decided that the timing was now right for a phenomenal official launch of cousins' weekend 2016.

An explanation:  these are predominantly first cousins of the Brown clan.  Lineage, however, cannot trump "family."  And, so "family" it was!  And, what a day it turned out to be for this branch of family. 

We enjoyed a wonderful, educational cruise on beautiful Lake Pend Oreille in the Hope area and along the Green Monarchs---northernmost point of the Bitteroot Mountains. 

Linda Mitchell and her crew do an amazing job of getting everyone fed, watered, etc. while providing an interesting and accurate summary of historical and geological facts about our beloved and awe-inspiring lake. 

Cameras were busy, and visiting was prolific as the afternoon just got better and better. Heck, we even talked about getting some additional tan on any skin showing through our multi-layered apparel. 

Spirits were high as we left the boat, walked along the dock and promised to meet again at the Lovestead for dinner.  Dinner turned out as expected, beautifully prepared lasagna, chicken enchiladas, garlic bread, green salad and the yummiest dessert of "chocolate lasagna."

Thank you, Keli and Laura and the Pack River General Store team of caterers.  You're the best!

Thanks also to all family members for making yesterday one for the memory books----the best!

We're not quite finished with our gathering, as we have a brunch, compliments of Mike and Mary at the Thompson Cabin this morning. 

Then, we'll all go our separate ways with happy and lasting thoughts of a very special and fun-filled gathering. 

Happy Sunday to all.  Enjoy the photos.  

George Waltho, Steve Watland, Mike Brown

Amidst the initial dreariness of the cruise, a blast of sunshine enhanced one of the islands at Hope. 

Green Monarchs Eagle

Kevin and Mike Brown and Loretta Waltho Mayer

Kenny Skelton

Laurie Tibbs

Cruise director extraordinaire Linda Mitchell

Loretta Waltho Mayer

Three Mary's:  Mary Skelton Watland, Mary Thompson Brown, Mary Skelton

Mike Brown, George Waltho

Laurie Tibbs, Kevin Brown, George Waltho, Rita Waltho Magnaghi

Ed Skelton

Mike Brown

Kevin Brown, Pseu-doNym Skelton, Marianne Brown Love, Patti Skelton McGougan, Carol Waltho

Mary was Skelton, now Watland and Mary now Skelton

Rita Waltho Magnaghi and Kevin Brown

Sculpture at Hope for another cousin Rich Aspell who coordinated another cousins' cruise in Chicago a few weeks ago. 

Will and Debbie Love

Kenny Skelton and Steve Watland

Mary now Skelton

Carol Waltho

Bill Love

George Waltho

Barbara Tibbs

Debbie Love

Debbie Love and Annie Love

Laura Eveland from Pack River General Store

PSEU-do Nym Skelton and Barbara Tibbs

Laurie Tibbs, Laura Laumatia and Jacob Laumatia

Kathy Waltho

Ed Skelton and Will Love

Paul and PSEU-do-Nym Skelton

Patti Skelton McGougan

Awesome Family

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Helen said...

I like it a LOT when you put names below pictures!
Looks like an awesome family indeed.