Saturday, October 01, 2016

Ready for Fun and Family

Top o' the morning to ya!

It's already been fun as a clan of cousins and family members are making their way to Sandpoint to celebrate each other for the weekend. 

Although today marks the official beginning of what is termed the "cousins' reunion," some of us have already started the visiting.   

Where else but Second Avenue Pizza, of course?  Cousin Mary and her husband Steve from Seattle area met us (most of the usual Friday night crowd) there last night, and Annie drove in from her flight from Seattle.

Kevin had already arrived from Frenchtown.  

After the usual great eats at Second Avenue, we moved on to where another group of the nearly 30 expected today had moved in for the weekend at a rather nice rental south of town.  

More will come today from the Tri-Cities, Ephrata and the Seattle area, and we'll enjoy a cruise along the Green Monarchs on Lake Pend Oreille. 

Then, back to the Lovestead and the Tibbs Arabians for horses, of course, and the big meal catered by Pack River General Store.  There might be a little cheer too; after all, this is an Irish clan. 

Tomorrow we'll do brunch at the Thompson Cabin, compliments of Mike and Mary. 

A festive time, indeed, and definitely a fun bunch with a wide and fascinating array of   experiences to share. 

A great weekend ahead. 

Happy Saturday.

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