Sunday, October 16, 2016

Soggy Days

It's been a long time since I've gotten out of the car and discovered a great big gray splat on the calf area of my jeans.  Happened yesterday when I went to J.C. Penney's at the mall.  

The worst part about those big dabs of yucky mud is that they don't wipe off well when they're wet.  In attempting to remove them, one just gets that much dirtier.  

So it's probably best to leave it be, just keep on moving and figure you can serve as a walking "mud-on-the pants alert" so others behind you  will see them and then check out the back of their legs.

Mud splats on the back of the left leg on driver's side or the right leg if you're sitting on passenger' side s probably happen more to country folks cuz when it rains as much as it has the past several days, WE'VE GOT MUD, and we drive muddy, soupy roads. 

We've also got mud soup pretty much everywhere dirt is exposed to the rain.

Dirty jeans aside, I actually used the wetness to my advantage yesterday, pulling up all my geraniums and remaining tomato plants.  At my garden boxes, just a few days ago, I couldn't pry a carrot out, cuz the soil was frozen solid.

Yesterday carrots came out of the dirt with ease.  

It's messy and kinda sad doing all those tasks, such as gathering up dead, squishy flowers, which were gorgeous a week ago.  I found that pulling out my first-ever crop of morning glories is easier said than done cuz they like to wrap themselves tightly around anything within their proximity. 

Bill and I worked outside most of the day so we could settle in around 5 p.m. to watch the Cubs.  

No disappointments there as Chicago provided its fans at Wrigley Field with plenty of reasons to cheer especially with that grand slam home run when the game with the Dodgers was tied toward the end.

We also tuned in on regional teams playing football, and they all won.  Today offers another ample plate of sports with the Seahawks and the Cubs second game of the play-offs.  We'll most likely be watching the football game off and on, as we always do when they're afternoon games. 

I mention watching sporting events because these games provide a perfect distraction from the ever-increasing and disturbingly ugly, hateful and deranged behavior we're witnessing in the Presidential campaign.

Sometimes two or three times a day, I'll ask, "How many more days of this?" 

This, of course, is wishful thinking.  If I keep asking, maybe the number will miraculously decrease. 

Thank God for sports on soggy fall days leading to the upcoming election. They provide a temporary escape from scary thoughts we may soon be seeking a permanent escape from clear madness.

And, with leaves still clinging to the trees, there is always the photography diversion. Today's photos were taken at farms along South Center Valley Road. 

Happy Sunday.  Stay dry. Go, Seahawks.  Go, Cubs! 

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