Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Slight

For the time being, with continued rain predicted, it looks as if we'll simply have to settle for afternoon coffee in the new travel trailer.

I happened to be sitting next to our landline phone when it rang yesterday afternoon. Checking the caller ID, I saw that it was Bill, whom I had seen just a minute or so downstairs.

"Coffee's on," he said. "Bring your cup." 

And, so we christened the new trailer in one more way after Bill's inaugural night's sleep in one of the bunks.    

It marked the first time we'd had coffee and visited.  Liam joined us and, within minutes, found the couch, which was covered with comforters so comfortable that he soon fell into a deep asleep. 

It will be a while before we can try the full-meal deal of traveling somewhere with dogs and staying overnight. Not a fun thought to do such things in the midst of rain storms, especially with prospects of 12 wet and dirty dog feet to erase the newness of the trailer. 

So, we'll just enjoy it in small doses right here at the Lovestead.

Yesterday's skies did open up a bit after the 4 inches of rain that had fallen in 24 hours. Bill's rain gauge indicated factually what we already knew.  It was wet. 

I had a chance to plant the rest of my daffodil bulbs and to visit with our neighbor Colleen who was taking advantage of the nice weather break for a run down the road. 

I also took a walk in the woods and scared up the deer herd which usually spends the night back and forth between us and the Kaubles. 

White tails suddenly flew into the air as I walked through the area.  All but one lingerer dashed away toward the south. The remaining doe initiated a staredown with me and eventually conceded by turning away and running off to catch up with her friends.

You'd think she'd come over and say hi after all the encounters we've had at least once a day in the yard or the fields for the past several months. 

Anyway, the landscape was once again clean and fresh and pretty, so I did get to take pictures after all. 

Lots of sports stuff today and some gardening projects, weather permitting. 

Happy Saturday.  

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