Friday, October 14, 2016

Squish, Squish, Oh How Wet It Is!

Before the rain . . . . .

Squish, squish . . . DRIP, DRIP . . . yes, I am "shouting" that last part because the drops hitting the roof come in loud waves.

For anyone outside our area, the weather forecasters say we have many days like this ahead.  

After hearing Bill's feet go squish, squish each time he entered the house this morning from taking Liam to do his duty, I loaded on the layers from top to bottom and went outside to feed the horses.  I knew they would not want to leave their stalls, especially because their barnyard is turning into a lake.

Fortunately, because the ground has not yet sustained a hard freeze, the water can still sink into the soil. 

This excessive moisture and predicted high winds threw a kink into our plans to park the new travel trailer near the sliding-glass door on the west side of the house.  

We had hoped to have it up close for ease in transferring supplies like blankets, pillows, dishes, etc. to the trailer. 

We had also hoped for dry conditions so that the dogs could get acquainted with their new home away from home.  That will have to wait. 

Turns out the trailer spent the night in the driveway away from trees AND Bill spent the night in the trailer.  He seemed quite chipper when he came inside this morning and reported a good experience with no problem sleeping. 

We're hoping for better weather soon to take the trailer out for its inaugural overnighter. That could be very interesting with three dogs sharing our quarters----maybe even some good story material.

In the meantime, rainy day projects and probably very few chances for photography will dominate the next few days.  That's one reason I posted the photos from the day before yesterday----reminders of beauty to help us navigate the dreary stuff going on outside. 

In other news, I really enjoyed reading the comments on Facebook regarding yesterday's post.  Seems a lot of us enjoy taking a little time travel back into our past.  Plus, I learned some specifics to fill in the gaps which seem to be more and more prevalent in my foggy brain.  

For those with a local connection who don't read Facebook, here are a few of the reflections posted . . . . 

Janice Rainey Johnson Merwin's Hardware ... the best bubbling ice cold water fountain in town. In one door, get a drink, and out the other.

Shirley Messmore Walson A real Sandpoint-ite still references 'the old JC Penney's store.'

David Newton I worked in that Penneys store back in '63 or so.

Jo An De Groot McBride That was fun to read. Marianne, Eleanor and Paul Delamarter were my very first employers....I babysat for them and worked at Del's s shoe store in the late 50s.

Pauline Delamarter, retired educator, married to Frank Delamarter:  Paul and Eleanor bought a fabric shop from Bev Johnson around 1968. This was combined with Del's Shoe Store. Eleanor and her sister Lois Horsell ran the store, did alterations, custom sewing and sold a few Bernina sewing machines. As the inventory of the shoe store was liquidated the name was changed to "Knits and Bolts." It was sold in 1978 and the new owners moved first to another location in Sandpoint and then on to Kalispell, MT.

Janice Rainey Johnson The fabric store owned by Bev Johnson was called The Green Pebble. I remember being in there so many times with my mom. Little did I know that Bev, the lady behind the counter, would eventually become my mother-in-law!

Mike Self I love old pics of Sandpoint and Spokane!  I remember the Penney's and gas station but only ever remember Larson's on that corner. And I don't remember any of the businesses in the other photo (except, maybe, Sayer's--seems I may have been dragged in there on an errand when I was really young).

Kathy Joseph Rainey Oh my !!! I used to work at the Rexall Drug. "Miss Brown" recommended me for the job interview.

Terry Gray I worked 3 years at that service station. 14 years old working 55 to 70 hours a week. They do not let kids work at that age any more.

Rosalee James I miss those times too. Never walked down the street without stopping to chat.

Dale Oestmann The pics might be older than the 70's, as I moved to AZ about then. Therer was a gas station to the right of the pic, and Ole Jennestads was just a couple of doors to the left of the drug store.

Mike Tenney Tafts was where Larsons is. I always got a gumball at Tafts.

Mike Self I worked at Taft's in high school. It was mid-block.

Amy O'Brien Lyman  I am pretty sure it is the Saddle Club, I have one of those outfits that Ardis (Racicot) gave me.

Lynn Major I remember "that" Sandpoint so vividly.

Ann Gehring I remember "that" Sandpoint and I'm not a native!!

Thanks to all for sharing the memories (including Ralph Delamarter who sent me a note via email).  Twas great fun!

Happy Friday.  Stay dry.  The sun will not shine tomorrow but maybe next week! :)

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