Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Art on the Water

Water water everywhere . . . . that's the story.

Heavy, steady rains continue to make the glasses not half empty, not half full, not full but definitely overflowing.  

A ground so saturated that several dry days last week still involved taking carefully planned steps to avoid soggy socks.

And, then this week, more and more rain fell.  Fields of green turned into lakes with green grass for shorelines.

Depressing, yes, but also providing new opportunities for perspective: don't curse that standing water.  Embrace it.

So, embrace it I did two days ago with a camera when a bright and lovely sun suddenly appeared through the clouds, casting its rays in interesting ways. 

Knowing this break in the rain probably would not last long, I charted a series of new pathways, sometimes almost leaping from one high spot to another in my quest to get from Point A to Point B here at the water-logged Lovestead.

With the normal trails filled to the brim with their own series of lakes, I had no choice but to branch off to ground less traveled. 

The results:  a series of reflections offering surrealistic views of familiar sights around the farm and the neighborhood. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I cuss the rain a lot, but it does sustain us and many of the creatures among us.  Plus, it contributes its own variety of beauty on the land. 

I read this morning that we could be in for a change:  some of our rain could turn to snow for a time this morning. 

We'll see. 

For now, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Have a wonderful Wednesday. 


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