Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Short Night

A portion of Bill's retirement gift from Mike and the folks at Inland Forest Management. 

I have prepared this post in advance.  For Bill and me, it will have been a short night or a long night, however you wish to look at it.  That's quite okay!

Thanks to another dear and thoughtful Gonzaga angel, Bill and I were able to attend last night's ZAGS match-up with San Diego State at the Kennel. 

The only downside of that opportunity was its late start----9 p.m.  So, that meant arriving back in Sandpoint at a truly "OH-DARK-THIRTY."  If we stopped at DICKS after the game, we probably rolled in to the Lovestead around 2.  

So, this is the "just in case I'm bleary-eyed or still sleeping" version of today's blog.  

As I write, in advance of this big game, I don't know the final score, but I do know that once more we ZAGS fanatics from the Lovestead had the time of our lives having a wonderful opportunity to see this year's team upclose and personal. 

With luck, photos coming.  

Thanks so much, Kevin.  GO, ZAGS!  


Update:  Yup, short night for sure.  Three and one half hours' sleep but I'm still running on the electricity I felt at the game last night.  

Looking like a phenomenal year ahead for the ZAGS.  I'm going to make an "old lady who loves the ZAGS" prediction.  Zach Collins, a freshman, will earn All-American status.  Don't know when, but he's downright amazing.   In fact, the team is loaded with phenomenal talent and passion.  

Anyway, my brain is a little tired this morning, so I'll just post some photos of Kennel miscellany from last night's impressive winning effort for the ZAGS.   

Tonight we'll be watching Bulldogs again when the SHS Lady Bulldogs play in their home opener.  Go, Bulldogs.  Happy Tuesday. 


Anonymous said...

Rick and I were discussing how short your night must have been. Glad you could go and glad you enjoyed it - how could you not?

Marianne Love said...

It was a short night but well worth it. The electricity in gym and the magnificent basketball action on the court from start to finish was something to behold.